Dinner at an annual holiday party – 7 December 2017

We went, as usual, to the holiday party thrown by N&T, before attending the symphony. The food is great; the lighting is not photo-friendly 😉 The party and the symphony seem to have settled into the same annual pattern for their December events. Fortunately, the party starts at 5:30, and we went just after 6, and were able to stay till about 7:15. I saw some friends, and had two plates of food, the second pictured above and down a bit, the first farther below. Right near the door (first plate), they had roasted potatoes, roasted yams, ham etc. At the end, I went back for a couple more potatoes and also tried a small bit of ham then (excellent!), though I usually forego the more standard stuff (ham, turkey) b/c the dim sum are so delicious. There were regular potstickers, and also huge ones

Same plate, filled – but fuzzy so I couldn’t bear to put it at the top. Lousy lighting for photography, though nice for a party.

filled with chives (the only thing that I was not enthusiastic about), a pork bun on the left there, shrimp dumplings, chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce (just peeking out), and two rolled things over on the right – one fresh and cold, the other with a crust on it.

Here’s the first little plate with the potatoes and yams. It also has a spinach dip and a smoked salmon dip spread on bread.

I tried both the white wines, and they were both good, but I preferred the X one – “Bohigas Xarel-lo” 2016 – to the Pays d’Oc Chardonnay (Monte Vallon, 2016)





Madly using up the arugula before it all dies. I cleaned up half of what was left, tossing anything that was difficult to sort out in preference to still-good leaves, since the good ones will go bad while we eat the dicey ones. Decided just to eat the good ones. Also, three of the Costco avocados came due, and I popped them in the fridge last night, and we used up one in this salad. Just my normal one – avocado, olives (used up the Nicoises) a bit of romaine – the arugula is unusual, actually – and a dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. Delicious salad! D made sandwiches using a new Vermont raclette we got yesterday at Cheese Board. It’s very different tasting from French or Swiss (we tasted both of those and preferred the French, I for its texture). We decided to try it out in addition to getting the French. I defrosted a smallish piece of Semifreddi sweet baguette I froze a couple days ago, and D made sandwiches with the cheese, romaine, and mayonnaise. He wished he had used mustard on his part. I liked it with must mayonnaise.

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