Tilapia; piperade; brown rice – 8 December 2017

D really wanted to try the piperade alongside a fish. I went to the Bowl and texted him some options, and he selected tilapia. No bones! That’s a big plus for me. The smallish fillet I got was maybe half a pound? D cooked the fish in the frying pan, using a bit of olive oil and some of the liquid from the piperade, and then later added the piperade alongside it to reheat.

They worked really well together. He made brown rice to go with it, which was a nice choice. I enjoyed this dinner a lot.

D went late for the wine, so chose a red that was sure to be ready to drink upon opening – another 2008 Brutocao Zin. We have only six left, he says. Ack! This was one of our greatest Grocery Outlet finds.

Picture also shows the end of an Acme Italian Batard, which was new, but most frozen, sliced, after the lunch bread was taken.


The blueberries D picked out at Costco turned out not to be very sweet, and we were not eating them, so he suggested I buy a vat of vanilla ice cream to have them with. I chose Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla, which was of course quite good by itself, and a fine complement to the berries.


I’m writing this entire the 13th so missing a fact here and there. Like what was in this sandwich – which was obviously grilled in our panini press. It would have been a raclette, b/c D pulled out the press the day we bought raclette – but I thought that was Saturday. Which was the 9th. Hm. Must have gone to Cheese Board on Friday. We had French raclette this way one day and Vermont the next, and they were both good, though very different. At the start, I was making the sandwiched and forgot about adding thin-sliced red onion, but when D took over (raclette blitz, to finish it while it was good) he remembered and that was really great, too. Broccoli steamed 3 minutes, then tossed in melted butter, salted and peppered. Delicious! I’m saving the long stems to peel and make into “broccoli calzone” sometime soon.





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