Omelette with piperade; orange, onion, and olive salad – 10 December 2017

This was the last thing D wished to make with the piperade, and there was just enough left – which might have been by design, come to think of it… He made a 3-egg omelette with just a bit of milk, salt and pepper unless I miss my guess, and added small chunks of the French raclette we got at Cheese Board on… Saturday. He added the piperade near the end, I think, after the cheese had melted. I warmed the omelette plates in the small oven, which didn’t actually light in the time it took for D to cook the omelette(s) (he made one and cut it) but the pilot/starter took the cold edge off the plates, anyway.

D also made, at my request, another orange salad, with very-thin-sliced red onion over the top (sit 1/2 hour), then Gaeta olives and olive oil and piment d’espelette to finish it. We pretty much had this for dessert b/c we both evidently wanted to eat up the omelette while it was warm. And who could stop eating such a delicious omelette, anyway? 🙂

I took the last five slices of the Acme Italian Batard from the freezer, toasted and buttered four of them, and left the last (defrosted in the toaster oven for a smidge of time) for sopping up good juices.

D brought up a sorta-tester wine from Costco, a Hanna sauvignon blanc from 2016*. D thought we’d had only their chardonnay previously, but this blog has only SBs. Anyway, it was good, and good enough to buy more of. Quite dry, went well with the omelette and oddly with the first bite of orange – but then I just ate the salad and finished the last glass of wine afterwards.


When I was off to the Bowl, D suggested, remarkably, that I get some vanilla ice cream so we could eat up a packet of not-so-sweet blueberries from Costco. This was a yummy dessert – and this was its second incarnation, using up the ice cream – Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla – but not quite using up the berries. But really, I will eat them up 🙂


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