Grilled swordfish; avocado and orange salad – 11 December 2017

This is a recipe from the cookbook Tsunami, from the like-named restaurant in Memphis. R&E ate there several years ago, and brought us this cookbook as a result. I’ve made this a few times before. The fish is simply salted, peppered, and grilled. D thinks it took about 10 minutes – 8 or more, anyway – on our range grill, on high.

The salad takes all the work! Both the salad and the dressing have (for two people – half a recipe) half a lime and half a lemon of juice. The dressing contains the juice of the other halves of lemon and lime, and adds half an orange, which is unnecessary in the salad b/c the salad contains an entire orange of sections. That’s the pain in the butt part – carefully getting the orange sections out of their membranes. The salad also has scallion tops, sliced, a small garlic clove, minced, a Tbsp of cilantro, chopped, and salt to taste. Oh, and an avocado, which was why I thought of doing this in the first place – we are using up Costco avos, which all came due at about the same time. The dressing has fish sauce and about 1/5 of a jalapeno (should be 1/2 – that’s too much – but D&I both thought that 1/5 or so was too little. Of course it also depends on the pepper and how hot it is…) The dressing seems almost superfluous since the salad has lime and lemon juice already, but there really are additional flavors. Perhaps decrease the juices in the salad to just enough to keep the avo from oxidizing? Recipe says to serve with “plain rice” – I used Thai jasmine, as I usually do – to sop up the liquids, and that worked well.

We also added some of this morning’s Semifreddi Ciabatta, which was great tasting and great at sopping. We’d used the first bit of the loaf for lunch – paninni-pressed sandwiches with Vermont raclette and mayonnaise. Had a bit of baby bok choi along with that, cooked in olive oil and butter.


I decided to try out the new vintage of the McIlroy Chardonnay (2015) that we just got from Costco. I don’t think it’s quite as marvelous as the 2014, but is still quite good so likely we will buy more when we run out of 2014.






Received recently a package from Harry and David, a gift from P&T, which contained truffles and a dessert tempranillo (!) to go with them. We’ve held off on the tempranillo, but tonight we tried out the first of the truffles (there are I think 24 of them!) – two of the four cherry chocolate ones – and they were delicious (unsurprisingly).

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