Pork chops; mixed, leftover rices; edible pod peas – 16 December 2017

D cooked everything tonight. I defrosted a thick, boneless Costco pork chop early in the afternoon, and D took it from there. He split the chop into two thinner chops, seasoned with garlic slices, salt, pepper, and sage, and let them sit for perhaps an hour, then grilled them  – perfectly! He seems to have boiled the peas. He cooked some sliced onion in butter and oil, with a little sage.

He mixed our two leftover rices – Thai jasmine and brown – and heated them in a pan with some water, and added butter when serving. It was a delicious dinner!

D chose a red wine, which surprised me, but the grilling of the chop made it made sense. Besides it was our wonderful Chateau Manissy Cotes du Rhone (2015) from Wine Mine – one of our favorites, b/c of an earthy taste to it.

I really wanted some dessert, and evidently so did D, b/c he washed up some of the grapes he bought today and brought them out to the table


D finally used up the pheasant stock he made with the bones from the TG critter. He used this for a mini-sorrel/leek soup (from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager), which I suggested b/c we had a lot of enthusiastic sorrel in the garden, and a solo leek in the fridge from when I bought two and needed one. After the initial… recognition that the soup was different – the smoother stock resulted in this – I really enjoyed the soup. It has potatoes, leeks, sorrel, and stock, with additional chopped sorrel leaves and chives over the top for serving. I defrosted two ends of an Acme sweet baguette, and realized we had the excellent Cambozola cheese, so I cut that and left the two pieces in the sun so they’d get nearer to optimal temperature. D chose the Founders’ Breakfast Oatmeal Stout that was in the fridge – a small one, which we split so not knocked out for the afternoon 🙂

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