Leftover taleggio/kale risotto with freshly cooked parsnips on top – 28 December 2017

My notes said that the amount of parsnips called for in the La Cucina Italiana recipe for this was too small – we used it all up on our first two servings. So this time, I bought two instead of one large parsnip, and saved one of them for today. While D&R were finishing up outside, I cut the parsnip into [wildly varying] rounds perhaps 1/8″-plus in thickness (those from the very-small end of the parsnip cut diagonally) and started them cooking slowly in 1 Tbsp butter. D later added the 1 tsp sugar and shakes of salt, and I added the [remarkable] 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar near the end of cooking. This was the slightly smaller parsnip, and after cooking a bit, we added the leftover bits D didn’t use two days ago from the larger one. D heated the leftover risotto, just slowly in the large cast iron frying pan. It was good, but without quite the excellent taste we remember from previous editions. The taleggio was not as flavorful – this set you can actually dice, unlike the more melty previous one – so that might be it. But the parsnips did not cook up with such a special taste, either. Mystery. I bought a Semifreddi Ciabatta just before lunch – intended to get an Acme Italian Batard, but there were zero Acme white loaves at the Bowl. Perhaps a missed delivery? Anyway, this was a really good bread.

D chose our minervois from The Wine Mine, St. Jacques d’Albas 2014, which I had trouble finding in the cellar, perhaps b/c the top is grey, not dark/red, or perhaps b/c I thought he had said we had about a case left, and there were more like 5 of them in a box at the very end of the shelf. But anyway, the wine was really good!

Later, D asked if I wanted potica or fruitcake for dessert. I was leaning toward fruitcake but am concerned that the potica is getting dry – but D said “fruitcake” and that’s what we had. Yummers! Will toast the potica if it needs it 🙂


Got the Semifreddi Ciabatta in time to make sandwiches, as planned, for lunch. I used the first bits of a romaine I had bought I think Sunday at the Bowl, on spec given the upcoming two-day food-drought. E had taken all the meat off the carcass of the Christmas capon and neatly packaged it in three containers, one with slabs fit for sandwiches, another with smaller bits that we just reheated last night, and a third with tiny scraps, which D deemed fit for an upcoming pasta. We used only about half of the “sandwich” container today, so will have more sandwiches tomorrow. Notably, I spread a bit of the Chile Colorado onto the bread (on mine, followed by mayonnaise) and this was an excellent addition. D wants most of the chile to serve over potatoes on some near-future day. I steamed the broccoli bits 3 minutes, then tossed in melted butter with salt and pepper. Excellent lunch!

Sometime after lunch, D came out with one of R’s exquisite cookies for a treat 🙂 I let it pose on the shimmery red fabric that came around (and still is a skirt for) the bouquet D bought before Christmas. 🙂

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