Spaghetti with leftover capon bits; Brussels sprouts – 30 December 2017

D cooked an excellent pasta, using up some/most of the small bits of capon that E removed from the carcass after our Christmas feast. He started by cooking some red onion, then celery slices, in olive oil and Mystery Grease (I will check to see if I can figure out what was in this container), then added the chicken bits and some parsley. Toward the end, he added some vermouth (Cinzano). He tossed the cooked spaghetti into the small cast-iron frying pan and tossed a bit, and brought this to the table, which kept it warm while I finished the Brussels sprouts. I just quartered the large sprouts (8 of them) and boiled in salted water 3 minutes, then drained, melted butter in the pan and returned the sprouts with salt and pepper and tossed them in the melted butter.

I bought an Acme Italian Batard today, which we hope will last us through the Bowl Drought, till they reopen on the 3rd. OK, they’ll be open tomorrow, but going to the Bowl on the day before a two-day break is scary…

Herri Mina! Herri Mina! We had this wine at Piperade on the 14th and loved it – enough that I tracked down the importer and got our wondrous wine buyer to order some, which we picked up last evening. It’s a fascinating white, with some bite – reminds me of something else I’ve had, and I want to say Alsatian, but am not enough of a connoisseur to nail it. the wine is 2015 Gros manseng, Petit Manseng, and something else (the labels on the bottles we got do not list the grapes, but the restaurant one did), and is from Irouleguy. Love it!

For dessert, D requested our second-to-last servings of R-cookies. These are so delicate and sumptuous – just perfect!


D had wanted to put some of the Chile Colorado over potatoes, so I cleaned and boiled up four Yukon Gold “seconds” and we used maybe half of them for lunch. Put a bit of butter on, but with the chile, it’s not obvious that was necessary. Eating a bit of buttered potatoes before I put on the chile was nice, though. Will recook the remaining boiled potatoes soon, likely frying with some onions. We also remembered we had a small number of edible-pod peas, so D cooked those up, just boiling them and then salting and peppering.

And we had another R cookie 🙂

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