Bean/veggie/penne soup from Christmas capon stock – 2 January 2018

After boiling and reboiling this stock a few times, D finally made it into a soup, and an excellent soup it was! Here are the beans being checked for untoward inclusions:

We tried to use up tiny quantities of old dried beans (limas and kidneys) that D found in a mud-room reorganization a week or so ago, but when cooking them with some pintos, I found that the pintos were done when the older limas and kidneys were still crunchy. I moved all the beans to a plate and returned the two crunchy kinds to the water, but after a half hour, they were still the same. D decided to compost them and continue with just the pinto beans, which made up at least 2/3 of the total. To make the soup, he removed all the bones and veggies from the stock pot (got some bits of chicken into it, though) (and gave some of the stock to R&E). He cooked sweet yellow onions, carrots, celery, and garlic in olive oil, and then added the stock, beans, and finally the kale I picked today from the garden and stemmed (volunteer flat-leaf, which I preferenced over the curly kind b/c the flat-leaf tends to be more susceptible to critters – aphids? – than the curly stuff).


The soup was really good! We both enjoyed it a lot. Wondering if the salt was really high and will dehydrate me and keep me awake tonight… but we shall see. D wants to add some salame secchi tomorrow night (when it is supposed to be raining – good soup weather!).

D decided to try the Primitivo from Brutocao (2013) that we bought on spec at the Bowl, to complete a case, when we went for the Irouleguys a couple days ago. We both liked it, but not in an “I must get more of this!” way – much prefer the Brutocaos we got at Grocery Outlet – which someone from the winery recently told D they sold to GO b/c they were different and Brutocao didn’t think they could sell that style. Alas, b/c we liked it better. We still have a Brutocao Pinot Noir from the Bowl that we will try soon.

Here’s the wine on the table, with a defrosted bit of Acme sweet baguette:



I wanted dessert, and D chose chocolate over fruitcake this time (I was leaning that way, too – we had fruitcake last night). that would by Harry & David chocolate. I said we should leave the simpler chocolate flavors to have with the rest of the tempranillo dessert wine, so D said cherry or raspberry then?I pointed to one with red stripes, and that was cherry. It was tasty 🙂



We had sandwiches using defrosted slices of Acme Italian Batard, which we bought

Saturday before the Bowl went on two-day hiatus the 1st and 2nd. Used up the last sliver of tomato (salted and peppered)from the burgers, some romaine, planed bits of Ossau-Iraty cheese from Cheese Board, thin-slices sweet yellow onion, and mayonnaise (and mustard for D). This made a terrific sandwich! I boiled up the last four Brussels sprouts, quartered, for 4 minutes, then drained them, dried the pan over heat, and melted butter, tossed in the sprouts, salt and pepper – as usual.


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