Hamburgers; refried potatoes; carrot sticks – 1 January 2018i

I can’t believe we started the year with hamburgers. LOL! I said to D are we really having hamburgers on the first of January? He said they’ll be really good hamburgers… So, didn’t do anything special for the day – D worked on his studio, and later on we went for a workout walk before dinner. Nice day, really.

And they partly were, but I can’t say I was crazy about the buns. More on that in a bit.

I defrosted on halfish pound packet of Coscto hamburger, and D made the mix, with onions, garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper.

I bought the buns on the 30s, in a packet that said 1) that their sell-by date was the 8th of this month, and 2) that they should be eaten or frozen within 48 hours of purchase. So, they won’t keep till the 8th on my shelf but they will at the Bowl? Silly marking. Owel. So, the buns: R said awhile back that they had found buns they really liked, and I got him to show me once when we both set out for the Bowl simultaneously (the night we arrived back from Florida, with a half hour to spare before the Bowl closed…). I think these were the ones – Prezilla. Unfortunately, we were not taken with them. They were squishy and collapsed to a thin layer when bit into. there are two more (in the freezer) and I want to try grilling them when we use them up. Going to try Acme soft round buns, too. The advantage of squishy buns is that they allow you to bite into them rathen than pressing down with the tomato and burger being poked out the far side of the bun.

Anyway, I put ketchup, mayonnaise, (plus mustard for D), thin-sliced sweet yellow onion, and slices of the tomato that had made us think of hamburgers (this one bought for a sage and gorgonzola pizza on the 22nd and sitting on the kitchen windowsill since being discovered redundant). The tomato was really un-tomatolike except for being red and fairly juicy, which was certainly something, if far from what one would want in a tomato (in August).

Peeled a carrot and cut it up. Wowee 🙂 D chose that over something even moderately complicated.

I saw D putting cut up onion in oil in the large cast-iron pan – clearly for refrying with the potatoes – and said don’t you need that pan for the hamburgers instead? And he said I’m cooking them in the same pan. I was skeptical, but ti worked fine. The potatoes were well browned and delicious.

D chose a bottle of Protocolo that we bought at the Bowl on the 30th, when we went for the Irouleguy wine, and which had not made it into the cellar yet. Good choice – an old friend, solid, enjoyable wine, and amazingly cheap, at something like $7.99. This one’s a 2015.



Last time I was at Cheese Board I needed to get some taleggio for D to make a risotto (which he did on the *th) but the CB didn’t have their usual soft taleggio, so the CBer offered me this soft cheese – Bresciella – as well as a dice-able taleggio. True to form, I bought both, but we never got around to eating this one. It was tasty on the defrosted Acme Italian batard, that we bought and mostly froze in slices on the 30th, against the unavailability of the Bowl on the 31st (due to upcoming closure) and the 1st and 2nd (due to closure). I think I should make the rest of the Bresciella into a “cheese foccacia” from Recipes from Paradise. Anyway, D reheated the rest of the new batch of potatoes and poblanos gratin by microwaving it and letting sit with a cover on it, and he also made a very good salad with romaine, celery, and scallions (b/c it was there). Then I cut up the end of the poteca and tried to broil it in the toaster oven, but the upper element really didn’t seem to heat very well. Buttered the pieces, but the butter melted only slowly. I stuck the pan back into the oven! But the poteca was good 🙂


Started the new year with one of the organic Clover Dairy eggs that are so good and big – fried it up, while warming my Paula Ross small plate in the toaster oven on very low heat, and toasting a halved piece of Morell’s multi-grain bread frozen after the chili dinner on the 17th. Chunked half a banana and a glass of milk on the side. A most excellent breakfast!

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