Mushroom tart on puff pastry; pea pods – 5 January 2018

Now that we’ve got the wine, I wondered if we could do the tart it went with. That is to say: at Piperade, we shared a mushroom tartlet, and asked the server/bar guy what wine to have with it. We loved the wine and I tracked it down. So on to the tart, with a decent but imprecise idea of how to do it.

For starters, the tartlet was on what looked like a puff pastry, and I’ve never used that. Epicurious has some suggestions in their primer on frozen puff pastry. I found that Pepperidge Farm puff pastry was on sale at the Bowl, 2 sheets for $4.99, so I bought that, though Epicurious said it did not age as well as the others. But the taste was fine. I calculated the size of pastry using half a sheet for each one, with 1/2 inch of edge folded in, and split the sheet to make two of them. I did a mediocre job of following the directions by liliscakes to crimp the edges, but it was ok for a first try.

Very puffed pastry at 10 minutes

The Kitchn has a slide show about puff pastry, and since the PF box says “bake according to your recipe” and offers no other advice, I used Kitchn’s suggested baking temps – but not times! The pastry was done sooner than expected. 425 for 10 minutes – stuff the center back down if it puffs up (wow, did it!) and another 25-40 minutes at 375. Well, it was another 10 at most, in our small oven. I’m used to things taking a bit less time there, but this was quite a difference.

I bought a large head of maitake (hen of the woods) mushrooms and a large eryngii, but didn’t use all of them. I used just “leaves” (feathers?) from the hen, and maybe 4/5 of the eryngii, starting at the top b/c the bottom was less tender, after peeling off the very outside thin bit. OK, I weighed the leftovers and discovered I probably used about 1/4 pound of each – that is to say, the leaves of the hen and the peeled top 4/5 or so of the eryngii.

I minced one fat but not enormous clove of garlic, cooked that half a minute to a minute or so, tossed in the eryngii, cooked 4 minutes over med-hi and then a bit lower heat, then added the hens and thyme leaves, perhaps 1/2 tsp of them, and cooked several minutes. Salted, but did not measure. When the mushrooms were done, I stirred in about 1 Tbsp creme fraiche, half at a time, and served the mushrooms over the pastries.

To try next time: Use a higher ratio of mushrooms to pastry. D says the one at Piperade was “more liquidy” and I should try more creme fraiche. I think more opinionated mushrooms than eryngii might be good. Hen was definitely in the original – could see it. Try [almost?] as much mushrooms with half the pastry, so as not to die too soon 😉 Turn over the pastry edges much less, leaving a greater space in the center. Could consider trying 400 degrees with no change at 10 minutes – someone used that, don’t remember who.

OK, veggie: I cleaned and pulled the threads from pea pods and patted them dry and left on a towel. D quick-sauteed them in butter, salting and peppering, just before dinner.

The Irouleguy is great. Herri Mina 2015, which the Bowl’s outstanding wine buyer ordered for us, after I tracked down the importer in the North Bay. We bought 6 and have already used two of them. I think we may need to go back for the other 6.


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