Pizza with radicchio, endive, walnuts, and Roquefort – 6 January 2018

When I was at the Bowl the other day, I noticed the radicchio and endive, which looked really nice, and remembered we had some gorgonzola dolce that wanted eating, so thought of this pizza. And then I didn’t use the gorgonzola. It would have been fine, but this pizza really is meant to have a Roquefort, and lo and behold, we also had a Roquefort that wanted eating – the Carles sheep Roquefort from Cheese Board, who had a sign with it suggesting eating it with pears (and also, “Not for the faint of heart”). So the Roq won, and we still have a couple ounces of sweet gorg to figure out. Not that that’s a problem.

I made a new batch of pizza dough, about 1/3 “white whole wheat” from King Arthur, and kneaded it while watching D&R photograph their work for an online sales place. MUCH better than kneading with nothing to see or think about than kneading! Froze 2 portions of dough, and got impatient with thin spots and torn spots and ended up rolling the dough with my tapered, cherrywood(?) rolling pin instead of just stretching it to shape. It was pretty good anyway. I bought a moderate-sized endive and a really tiny head of radicchio, and used all the endive – halved lengthwise, cored and sliced crosswise into about 1/2″ bits – and 1/4 of the head of radicchio, the tiny bit of core cut off and the head sliced into rather smaller than 1/2″ slices. But that doesn’t matter a lot. I used 4 oz mozzarella and the rest of the sheep Roquefort called Carles. So, after pre-cooking the crust 1 1/2 minutes, it goes: grated [most of the] mozz, strewn endive and radicchio pieces, well separated, broken walnuts (scant 1/3 cup, before breaking – cracking with fingers makes fewer tiny stray bits than cutting with a knife, I found), dots of Roquefort, last little bit of mozz. Bake 5 mins, top with chopped parsley (conveniently available in a jar on the island) and dressing. I cut the amount of the dressing this time to 1 Tbsp walnut oil and 2 tsp red wine vinegar, and that worked well. The previous amount (1 1/2 Tbsp/1Tbsp) was probably from when I used 1/2 rcp instead of 1/3 rcp crust for each pizza.

It was really good, I thought. Even a bit salty, despite no added salt, b/c of the Roquefort.

We tried out a new Brutocao wine we got at the Bowl to fill out our case along with the Irouleguy. This was a Mendocino Pinot Noir, 2013, from “Slow Lope’N Vineyard.” It was good but not one we’d run back to get more of. Maybe one more, open it a bit earlier, if we’re buying another case. Check it out again. But we don’t love it as we did the Brutocao Zins and Cabs we got at Grocery Outlet a few years ago and are still drinking – and still adore.

We split half the remaining fruitcake – this loaf, anyway – there’s still one more, fortunately. Love this fruitcake!



Just took this to put ourselves on record that P’tit Basque does make a good sandwich. I used the defrosted last four slices from the Acme ciabatta, romaine, the second half of the tomato D bought for another cheese sandwich, thin sliced onion (D did all the slicing today), s&p on the toms, mayonnaise for both adding mustard for D – the usual IOW. D also cooked up, with some chopped sweet onion, the zucchini I bought the other day – the whole one this time 🙂

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