Grilled chicken thighs; Thai jasmine rice; piperade – 7 January 2018

I bought a bag of four red bell peppers at the Bowl for I think 89 cents/lb, and another yellow one, expecting to make piperade with a red and a yellow. Also bought two tomatoes for the piperade, thinking I needed one, which was not correct – supposed to have four. And one sort of wore out before today, but   1 1/2 of them turned out to work fine. There must be as many recipes for piperade as there are Basque cooks.

So, D wanted to make either pork chops or grilled chicken to have with the piperade, and, since we’d had chops twice recently, I chose chicken thighs. Defrosted a Costco packet, which D trimmed, marinated (just salt, pepper, soy sauce this time) and grilled. I made the piperade and the rice just before dinner.

I cooked the piperade the entire time on medium-high, stirring (more like “turning over”) almost but not quite constantly, and it worked extremely well. Took about the 10 minutes the recipe suggested (“until the vegetables soften and start to color”).

Couldn’t decide which bread photo to use. Both seriously altered in color and/or lighting, due to challenging originals. The first one shows the color well (after “remove color cast” – thank you, Adobe Photoshop Elements 15) and I like the extreme side lighting. The one below shows how interesting the little breadlets look 🙂 After Brightness/ Contrast..

I cooked the Thai jasmine rice (water:rice 2:1) for 15 minutes as usual. When I served out the piperade, I spooned a tiny bit of the liquid (mostly oil) over the rice, and it turned out to be a really nice combination, so I ate most of the rice in bites with the piperade.


Remarkably, D chose a white for this meal, even though the grilling of the chicken could easily have warranted a red. But then, the white was a CalStar, so that was an excellent idea in any case – a 2013 “Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County” Chardonnay.



D halved the last thick chunk of the second fruitcake (of three) and handed me a good piece of it for dessert.

Here are some marauding dried flowers:








Oh this was really neat. D’s idea. Writing this part of the post on the 16th, so not sure if the potatoes were newly boiled or not. I think so. So, D cooked up a slice of Niman Ranch bacon that was in the fridge from the Coscto trip, and cooked some chunked white mushrooms in it, and also refried/heated the potatoes in it. He’s trying to use up the creme fraiche, and this was a great idea for that. Looks like there’ thyme in there – yes, I’m sure that’s what he used. And then he decided we should split a beer – well, and ale –  to have with this, an excellent choice. It was a “store-botten” one, not one from R&E for a change: Lagunitas “Little Summer Extra!” Nothing terribly special, as I recall, but a good idea with this meal.



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