Spaghetti with three kinds of mushrooms; sauteed pea pods – 8 January 2018

D cooked a perfectly delicious pasta tonight – made it up on the spot. Or actually, he probably thought out bits and pieces previously… He cut up three large white mushrooms into rather thick chunks, and also used the extra hen-of-the-woods pieces and eryngii chunks that I didn’t use for the mushroom tarts. He cooked he white mushrooms and some fresh thyme from the garden (dried, on the island) in butter, salted them, and cooked till the mushrooms gave up, then reclaimed, their liquid. “Garlic in there somewhere.” Then he added more butter and the eryngii and cooked for a few minutes, and finally he added more butter and the hens. He splashed in some Gallo dry vermouth (after using up the Cinzano) and something north of 1/4 cup (by eye) or creme fraiche, and turned off the heat. He added a small bit of pasta water “to spread it out a little.” He added the cooked and drained spaghetti to the medium cast-iron pan with the mushrooms, and mixed, using a couple of forks.

He got out the rest of the pea pods and rinsed them, and I stemmed them, discarded on seriously spotted one and carved a brown spot out of another, then washed and dried in a towel, and quick sauteed in hot olive oil, with salt and pepper, for only one or two minutes in a Revere Ware medium frying pan, then turned off the heat. this worked well!

I went shopping after my Dr appointment and bought an Acme Rustic Sweet Baguette in time for a late lunch – after D also got back late, having picked up our friends R&L at the airport. We had that for lunch (below) and dinner bread.

D went into the cellar, at risk of scaring our poor skittish feral cat, who was traumatized this afternoon when UPS conscientiously delivered a large package to the back (i.e. her) porch, and brought up one of our favorite Wine Mine wines, Chateau de Manissy, a seriously earthy, totally delicious Cotes du Rhone.


I stopped at the drug store en route home from the doc’s (somehow I ran out of toothpaste) and, possibly b/c I had not eaten and possibly b/c I had previously been given a treat like this from a Dutch friend, I succumbed to an item while standing in the checkout line. Two little caramel-waffle “sandwiches” called “Stroopwafels.” The brand is Daelmans, and it also says “Soft, toasted waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla.” The packet of 2 was only $1.59, which I thought was a fine price for them. I was good and didn’t eat one before lunch, but then remembered after dinner, and the two little guys in the package made a great dessert for the two of us.

Lunch (Here ends the veggie portion of our program):

I was at the Bowl when D got home from the airport, and he texted me to ask if he could start lunch. I suggested prepping, but not cooking, a veggie to have with chicken sandwiches. He got some Brussels sprouts together, and we boiled them 3 minutes, drained, and tossed with butter, salt and pepper. When I got home, I made sandwiches with baguette chunks, the rest of the chicken from 2 nights ago, sliced cross-grain for easier biting, romaine, and mayonnaise. D said I should salt the chicken, even though it really was good, and I did, and it was not too salty-tasting. D suggested we have the piperade, and I sort of resisted using all of it – used half – but it made an excellent condiment. Great lunch!

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