Pizza with roasted red peppers, potatoes, and tapenade – 9 January 2018

An old favorite. I’m filling this in on the 16th so not sure why I decided I had to make this – just that I love it and it’s winter and there are red peppers in discount bags at the Bowl. Good enough excuse. Boiled potatoes, sliced; roasted red peppers, chunked; tapenade; Fontina Valle d’Aosta; garlic oil; red pepper flakes and minced rosemary over the top.

The recipe for 1/2 crust pizza is here. I use 1/3 of the crust recipe now, so I reduced the amounts a bit.

D brought up a huge favorite wine of ours – favorite b/c of its earthiness. This bottle was a bit less so than others, but still really good. Chateau St. Jacques d’Albas Minervois, Domaine d’Albas 2014. We got this from The Wine Mine sometime in 2016 or possibly earlier.

Howbout another little piece, with photogenic red pepper flakes:


Since I had really liked the taste of the Thai jasmine rice with the piperade, I reheated the leftover rice with some of the piperade.

Super combination! Also had some of the P’tit Basque cheese (from Costco) which we love.



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