Omelette with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms; broccoli – 11 January 2018

We were thinking about making Gerald Hirigoyen’s recipe from Pintxos, wherein

Ok, writing this the 18th, unfortunately. No idea where I was going with that sentence. LOL! I’ll look up the cookbook and see if I can add anything. […] Nope {sigh} must have beem something complicated, and it got late. So…  Aha! It was the shell beans cooked in piperade – we made them instead on the 13th! Must have gotten too late this day. But even my photos don’t tell me why…

So, D made this delicious omelette. He thought something was missing from it, but I didn’t. D had me pull apart the last of the hen-of-the-woods head that I bought for mushroom tarts on the 5th. Good staying power! They really didn’t need any cleaning, remarkably enough. He cooked them, undoubtedly in butter, then added late in the omelette-cooking process. I undoubtedly cooked the broccoli (steam 3 mins, melt butter, toss broccoli with butter s&p). I also make the toast when D makes omelettes.

I bought an Acme Pain au Levain at the Bowl, clearly.


D chose this white wine and we can’t figure out where we bought it. It was good, and only $9.99. None at the Bowl (I have checked since) so perhaps on our visit to K&L last year? We would get more if we knew where. LOL!


I think this was the day I used Old Rotterdam cheese in the sandwich (Levain, romaine, mayonnaise, possibly onion?) and decided it was not great for sandwiches. Use for just eating in the future! Also bought one meal’s worth of somewhat tired Romano beans. They were tasty, so no problem (boiled 3 mins, reheated in butter with S&P).

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