Posole Rojo – 12 January 2018

What do I call this – takeout? Dinner with friends? E texted us last night asking if we’d like some of the posole she had made – evidently a large recipe – and we of course said an enthusiastic yes! This evening she brought us some large fraction of a quart of the soup, as well as some of the necessary garnishes: cilantro, a bit of mole, we added our creme fraiche (instead of sour cream), some sliced base-of-romaine (instead of iceberg or cabbage), some thin-sliced white onion, and one very small avocado. We didn’t have any radishes. My guess is that the number of recipes for posole roughly equals the number of cooks in Mexico, so leaving out radishes is probably not a mortal sin or anything. The recipe she used is from the Food Network.

So: it was GREAT! Loved it! Very rich and satisfying dinner.

D found a wine at the Bowl this morning that he wanted to try with this – called “Contrade” – a Negroamaro from Puglia that cost only about $8. It was pleasant and enjoyable – very drinkable – as good as you could want for that price. I would not object to having more of this, especially on days when the meal might fight back against the wine as this one did.

We had another two of the harry & David chocolate truffles for dessert, almond ones this time. These are really yummy 🙂




Some more boiled potatoes – I’m adding this the 16th, but I see that D found another use for the creme fraiche, and also put chives from the garden over the top. The cheese is Old Rotterdam, which I liked a lot by itself, but thought was not a great sandwich cheese. So we had it with a planer on the table to cut it, with a bit of bread, which I see in this case was the end of a Pain au Levain from Acme.

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