Fresh cranberry beans cooked in piperade and topped with an egg – 13 January 2018

Finally writing this up on the 22nd. D wanted to have this again – he’s become a piperade addict, and was already totally into fresh cranberry beans. We don’t have it quite right yet, but it’s worth perfecting. The recipe is from Pintxos by Gerald Hirigoyen, whose restaurant Piperade is in the city.

I bought a pile of fresh cranberry beans the other day, and D shelled them and put into the fridge. We intended to make this on the 11th but somehow got too late and put it off, then had the gift Posole from E&R last night. So now is the time. A cup of the beans (in the official recipe, 2 cups) are cooked in piperade and stock, with some choricero peppers and smoked ham, and then topped with an egg and baked till the egg sets. Didn’t find choricero peppers and didn’t have time to get to Spanish Table to get some (assuming they have them!) so used some red pepper flakes instead. Worked. My guess is there are as many interations of this dish as there are Basque cooks, so this is fair 😉 Still having a problem with the egg. The first time I made this, the egg didn’t cook in the time allotted, and I had to put it under the broiler or something. Another time I used the beans hot instead of letting them cool for a half hour, and the eggs were hard on top and overcooked. They were overcooked again this time. I think we need to try cooling the bean mixture half the allotted time and see whether that worls. Of course, it probably all depends on the temperature of the kitchen and the weight of the pan they’re in and whether you cover them or not, etc. Owel. Keep trying!

I took out the last four hunks of frozen Summer Swedish Rye that E made into teensy loaves for Christmas dinner, wondering if they’d work for dinner bread, but D said let’s have regular bread instead – so we ate the little breadlets 🙂

The frozen slice of Acme Levain (? – writing this the 22nd) looked like a dolphin, no doubt b/c I had to squish the bread a bit to get it into the freezer. It calmed down later.






D chose this 2015 Vin de Savoie, of which we got several at The Wine Mine. The back says we should have it with Morbier cheese, so we need to save the last one to do that! The bottle also says “St Jean de la Porte” Mondeuse.


Hm. We were having some great sandwiches in here – might be Danke cheese from the Bowl? D decided we should try thin-sliced onions on our cheese sandwiches, and he was so right! Otherwise, just romaine and mayonnaise (and he adds mustard). Steamed, buttered broccoli – love it 🙂



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