Omelette with leftover cilantro/mint sauce; pea pods – 20 January 2018

D cooked this entirely, while I had a shower, b/c we were running a bit late. He made an omelette using three eggs, and adding the rest of the Old Rotterdam cheese, grated. When it was mostly or completely cooked, he just spread the remaining cilantro/mint sauce from last Sunday (E’s unbirthday dinner) over the top and let it warm, then I guess folded the omelette sorta over it. It was really delicious! He noted that he could have used half the sauce and left half, but not clear when we would use it so he didn’t save any. He had started toasting the two slices of Upstairs Bread that I had defrosted earlier, and I buttered them and put them on the warming plates in the oven to wait. He boiled the stemmed pea pods in salted water about 3 minutes (too long, as he noted later). I dumped out the water and let them dry as much as possible; when the pan was dry, added a bit of butter and D ground some pepper over them and I tossed them in the pan with a big spoon and he served them onto the warm plates.

D decided that this would go with a wine already in the fridge, Kirkland’s “Ti Point” Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (2016), and he was right. It was really an excellent combination.

D decided on a treat in the afternoon, one more of the chocolate truffles from Harry and David. He thought the milk and dark chocolates would go best with the remaining wine accompaniment, and chose the raspberry ones for mid-afternoon treat. I forgot to shoot mine till I had eaten half of it 😉

Then after dinner, D got out the wine from the fridge – Tempranillo dessert wine from Harry and David, which is intended to go with the truffles (the combination, a gift from D’s Dad P and caretaker T). He chose the milk chocolate truffle, and poured us tiny wine glasses of the wine. It was an excellent match and a lovely treat of a dessert.

Lunch (not veggie):

Weird lunch today b/c I was at the Women’s March, 2018 edition, in downtown Oakland. I brought two bars with me In Case and ate one of them near the end of the march, then ran across some people eating pizza slices, and got myself one. Even though it was Cybelle’s. It really was pretty competent pizza – nothing to write home about, but nothing bad, either. I got a pepperoni slice, which was hot and waiting and the nice guy just boxed for me, and had him put the change from $5 into the tip jar. the pizza was not even so greasy as to need multiple napkins, which surprised me. I ate it on the way to the bus stop, maybe a half mile from the end of the march (given that the buses were on detour b/c the march ended on Broadway). Satisfying lunch 🙂

The bar was from my emergency grab-and-go bag. the bars have no more than a 6 month shelf life so have to be taken out and eaten periodically anyway. Since we had a few we hadn’t actually tasted before, I decided to have one of those and see if it was tasty enough to get more of, and indeed, I did think so. This CLIF Builder’s Bar (flavor: chocolate) is a low-glycemic, high-protein bar, and I think we got it at REI, and 270 calories. Not a great idea to add pizza after that, to tell the truth 😉

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