Fettucine with pea pods and mushrooms – 24 January 2018

This is the original-size recipe from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, with my quantities. Originals in [ ]s. I scaled it down for 4 oz fettucine (for one) tonight, but it should have been even smaller. Try 5 oz for two when D here for dinner.

Steam 1 cup trimmed and cleaned small pea pods and set aside.

Slice 1 cup sliced white or crimini mushrooms [1/2 cup] and cook in 1 Tbsp butter, adding 1/2 tsp salt or slightly more (b/c of the larger amount of mushrooms).

Cook 12 oz dried fettucine till al dente – probably 6 – 8 minutes – in boiling, salted water. Drain thoroughly, using some of the water to heat the serving bowls. Return the fettucine to the drained saucepan. You can keep this on very low heat to keep the pasta warm.

Add 2 Tbsp heavy cream of creme fraiche, 4 Tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper (but I don’t really measure it), 1/4 cup freshly grated parmaggiano, 1 Tbsp chives [or chervil], and the pea pods and mushrooms. Stir well (especially be sure the mushrooms are well distributed as they have most of the salt) and serve in the heated (wiped dry) bowls. Top with more chopped chives.


I bought an Acme sourdough baguette – this may be the day (this part added 2 Feb!) when I got to the Bowl late (seems likely – evidently a whole baguette at dinnertime, none used for lunch) and those were the only baguettes left – but I would recommend either a regular bread or sweet baguette with this in future. I decided to open a bottle of 2014 McIlroy Chardonnay (Costco – a real find) to have with this b/c it’s such a wonderful recipe.

Oops! No, wait… that’s just cleverly framed so the cut end of the baguette is not visible. I took a lunch picture that day b/c it was a great lunch.



At the Bowl I bought, in addition to the sourdough baguette (chosen for the cheese here, not for the dinner) I got a Vermont cheese called Bonne Bouche. I moved it from its little light wood crate to a plate, and had half of it for lunch. Was this the day I made the sorrel soup, too? Yes, it was. I needed to use the leeks I had bought (used one) and there was sorrel, and a bit of sour cream to use, and two potatoes getting on… OMG and chives – masses of chives. I should have bought a smaller bunch last week. This recipe, also, is from Potager


While hunting down the lunch picture, I also found this – just a picture to note this pretty cup I bought decades ago at Peet’s in Berkeley. It was made in Poland. Espresso and steamed milk – a small latte.

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