Bonne Bouche cheese and sourdough baguette; pea pods – 26 January 2018

[Filling in missing posts on 8 February]

D came home one day with this and a few other one-of-a-kind dishes from Urban Ore. Isn’t it pretty?

I spent a large part of the day at the Walker Evans exhibit at SFMOMA. A great day. I had the second half of the Bonne Bouche, Vermont cheese for dinner, and a new Acme sourdough baguette to go with it. I probably moved the cheese, on plate under glass, from the fridge to a counter before I left. Did I go shopping this day and buy the pea pods? I could look it up but too much trouble* – I’m comfortably wrapped in a blanket right now 🙂 So: sauteed the stemmed pods in butter or oil or both till they were bright green. S&P. [*9th: Nope – pea pods previous. On the 26th I just bought the baguette and some more bananas for breakfasts.]

Wine… ok, gotta figure this out.. no wine photo… Oh right. I opened two wines, one the 23rd and one the 24th, and this would be the second half of one of those bottles.      I think probably the Kono Marlborough SB (Trader Joe’s, cheap) but could have been the McIlroy Chard (Costco, moderate).



I had lunch at SFMOMA, and it looked lovely, but was not nearly good enough, especially for the price.

The salad was supposed to be served warm, according to the person who helped me to order, but it was just the teeniest bit so. Mostly, the flavors just weren’t at all compelling. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t. The textures were excellent – everything was fresh and well prepared, but the flavors didn’t remotely live up to the visuals. The fact that I took them up on their suggestion of Kim Crawford Marlborough SB to go with it was my fault. It’s a way overpriced wine (which I knew) so the $12 glass upped the price of lunch seriously. But the two women who let me sit at their table (b/c there weren’t any free ones) were lovely and that was the best part of lunch.



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