Personal pizza with potatoes, ham, and pancetta – 27 January 2018

[Filling in missing posts on 8 February]

Another a bit-too-lazy dinner for one – I used the second half of the defrosted pizza dough, and made an ok but not great pizza. Cooked up the next-to-last round of pancetta, and also sliced two 1/8″ or thinner slices off the 3/4″ or so thick round of ham, and cut into pieces. I used the rest of the boiled potatoes, doing nothing else to them (like, when I brush the potatoes with cooked-garlic oil in the tapenade/red pepper/potato pizza) and scattered on the meats. May have used only mozzarella, might have added some grated parmaggiano, but whatever, not exciting. I see I wasn’t even ambitious enough to make a veggie! Oh well… so, why was I so lazy? Something was going on… oh bizarre, I don’t even have any photos for the day except the ones here. What did I do? πŸ˜‰

I decided to open a wine D didn’t care about (since he was not here) – one from a gift box from P&P for I think Christmas 2013. I found it quite enjoyable: Eagle Canyon 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. Nothing really special, but quite drinkable. Good wine.



This picture reminds me of lunch: more of the sorrel soup I made previously, and a small sandwich, no doubt of grill-roasted yellow pepper, pancetta, and melted Danke cheese on defrosted Acme Italian bread. It was a good sandwich, which I made up in order to use 1) the pepper, 2) the pancetta, and 3) the cheese, so it was quite effective. I enjoyed it and had it a few times for lunch.


Just to note that coffee (espresso and steamed milk – is this a tiny latte or a cappucino?) was in D’s new cup by our friend N.

Great cup πŸ™‚



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