Dinner at Juan’s for the heck of it – 29 January 2018

We couldn’t decide on dinner and nothing obvious was lying around. So we did a workout walk/weights in the early dark, then shower, then walked over to Juan’s. I ordered a half serving of chile rellenos (chile relleno, I guess) with refried beans* and rice. It was fine, but nothing special, and far from the best I’ve had. Filled me up completely, too, all that food!

About the photos: I shot the one at left, held the shutter down too long or something, and the camera shot again while I was moving it (above). So, I would have erased that shot, but the colors in it are actually right, while for the life of me I can’t repair the one at left in either Photoshop Elements 15 or Irfanview. And then I kinda got into the swishy one. So, that’s what we’ve got.

I tried ordering a Red Tail IPA from the menu, but the server said they didn’t have that but had Lagunitas IPA instead, so I had that, and it was good. Beer is the right thing with Mexican food, I think. D had a Modello dark something. Both on tap. He had a tostada with pork, too, and liked it.

Oh, the chips!  They served corn chips and flour ones, but we didn’t notice that till I ate one of the last of D’s – which were corn. The flour ones were To Die For!

*The refritos might be cooked with lard – I don’t know – in which case the “meatless” and “vegetarian” labels would be false. But since this is about ideas, there’s no reason one would have to use lard in the beans so it’s easy to do this as a veggie meal. Except: chile rellenos are really hard to make well!


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