Crackers with sardines, Cambozola; piperade – 1 February 2018

Symphony night again, and D suggested we have more of the Cabozola we got at the Bowl, and add in a can of the sardines I got when they were tasting them at Costco last summer. We didn’t have bread, and could usefully have gone shopping, but D pointed out we could use crackers for the cheese and for the sardines, and I decided I could live without a banana for breakfast by having an egg instead of Grape Nuts. So that’s what we did. The sardines are Wild Planet, Wild Pacific Sardines, and are three to the can. They are gutted and cleaned, but they have little spines, which I took out. I used 3/4 of half of what was left of the Cambozola – lol, that was 2/3 of the original… so…3x1x2/4x2x3 = oh hey, interesting. 1/4 of the original amount. And that was .78 lb, which is…  12.5oz. So we had 3.1 oz of Cambozola for dinner. (Whew!) The crackers are Mozart, two varieties: pepper and poppy seed, and toasted sesame seed. Worked fine. I wonder if we should try both of these again with Sesmark rice crackers – which may be what we originally used for the sardines?

We had half the remaining piperade as something between a vegetable and a condiment. It went really well with the sardines!

D brought up a Kono (Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc). He also put the other Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio in the fridge, but decided on the Kono when it came to dinnertime. Good wine, nothing terribly special. We saved a couple glasses for after the symphony as usual, b/c D has to drive there.


One of the avocados from Costco ripened up yesterday and I put it in the fridge. We had nachos with Monterey Jack melted (broiled) over Costco chips, then La Cascada Salsa Fresca (finished it) and the avocado. Good lunch.

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