Reheated Common Grill black bean soup with salsa, avocados, and sour cream; Brussels sprouts – 2 February 2018

Well, if the groundhog had been out here, he sure would have seen his shadow. Taken off his fur coat to boot. A lovely spring day, sunny and warm. Probably in the low 70s (though the interior of the house has not warmed up yet… probably b/c the walls haven’t, not b/c the downstairs furnace has not been on on most days).

But we have a major winter soup! Pretty cool by dinnertime anyway 🙂 We have avocados from Costco on the 28th coming ripe – of course, all of them more or less at once – so are finding ways to enjoy them, in lunches and dinners. We used half an avocado for lunch (below) and the other half in small chunks over the reheated soup, which I made for dinner on the 30th, and we have eaten since as a nachos-topping. I went to the Bowl and bought more La Cascada Salsa Fresca and a small Clover sour cream, as well as cottage cheese for another, (immediate) future avocado idea. Also bought an Acme Sweet Rustic Baguette for lunch and dinner.

I added some water to reheat the soup, but it was still rather more like a pile of beans than like a soup this time! Also cooked up the last of the Brussels sprouts from a large bag I got probably about 22 Jan (trim, wash, quarter or “sixth,” boil 3 mins in salted water, drain, return to pan to toss in melted butter with S&P).

My notes for the soup say that the Belgian-style “abbey ale” called Brother Thelonious is a perfect match for this soup, so we had that instead of wine with dinner, and it does, indeed, go well.


I bought the baguette with sandwiches in mind. Also bought Monterey Jack with nachos/avocados/salsa/etc. in mind, and I also know it is my favorite cheese to have with avos on a sandwich. I used up the last little bit of the [not very] old Jack and started the new one on our two sandwiches, topped with sliced avocado and spread mayonnaise on, and that was it. Tasty sandwiches – but hard to eat b/c when you bite into a baguette crust, slippery things slide out of the sandwich. Alongside, we ate up the last of the piperade, just having it cold. A pretty, as well as tasty, lunch.

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