Grilled pork tenderloin with citrus glaze; choi sum; Thai jasmine rice – 3 February 2018

I was thinking of having the Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewurtztraminer from the cellar with the meal for which it was bought a few years ago (R’s b/day choice) – a pork tenderloin confit from Gerald Hirigoyen’s Pintxos. Somehow, I just wasn’t up to the long-cooking-in-duck-fat required of that recipe, and decided to try the wine with another favorite pork tenderloin recipe, this from Weber’s Art of the Grill. My old notes say this recipe’s worth making just for the sandwiches you make with the leftovers. I made the marinade and put the tenderloin (from Costco – kept half the package [with two tenderloins] and gave the other half to R&E, who said “want more of this!”) into our largest oblong glass refrigerator container after lunch. Wiped off too much (per D, and he was right) of the marinade before cooking, and dripped a bunch of it back on. D did the cooking, giving it I think 15 minutes on the first side and 10 on the second, on medium on our gas range grill  (covered), per my written previous observation.

I got little, white-stemmed, dark-leaved choi that said “choi sum” from the Bowl, and treated it as usual: cleaned well, separated stems from leaves and chopped each, rinsed again and spun dry the parts separately and let dry on a towel, cooked in (this time) butter and olive oil, and S&P. Thai jasmine rice as usual.

The wine was excellent, but did not really have a synergy with this meal, unfortunately. The Weber’s suggestion with the recipe is for a garnacha/syrah, which a dry gerwurtz definitely is not. It was ok, just not great, with the pork. Claiborne & Churchill 2011 Central Coast – cost $16.99.


We had what I think (writing this the 7th) was the last third of the cream cheese/Nutella pie/cake/tart that R made to use up the cream cheese unused for Christmas cookies. Loved it 🙂 It had toasted hazelnuts over the top and some sort of pressed-crumb crust, in the fashion of graham cracker crust but not, I think, graham crackers.


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