Grilled salmon; grilled zucchini, leftover rice with sweet white onions – 6 February 2018

I’m trying to choose dinners to use the wines we got recently – either tasters or testers – from Wine Mine or Costco. Obviously, no tasters from Costco – but this was one we tasted at Wine Mine. I liked it better than D did, but he thought it went well with the meal tonight. His fave and my fave were both Cab Francs – this one (my fave) was from Contra Costa County – which is to say, next door! It had an intriguing flavor, but there was some sharpness there that made it less than perfect (but for $16.50 you really don’t expect perfect).

Somewhere, somehow, I got the info that one of the Cab Francs – his or my fave – would be good with salmon. Salmon Is Fish so one knee-jerks to white, so I decided grilling the fish would red it up. Good call. We had bought a moderate-sized zucchini over the weekend, which seemed as though it would be too small for two when grilled (though fine for two if sauteed? Hm..) so I bought a second one. D started by chopping some of the sweet Spanish onion and pre-cooking it a bit in canola(!) oil, then adding the rice. I got a bit of olive oil on my hands and smooshed around the zucchini slices (three per zucchini, lengthwise) till they were well coated, then salted and peppered them on one side, and placed them on the hotter (rear) half of the range grill. D had me smoosh olive oil onto the salmon pieces, too (the thinnest parts of the tail, two pieces thereof) and salted them (or they were salted first) and placed them flesh-side-down over small branches of rosemary on the grill (which was on high). He covered the grill and cooked the fish 6-7 minutes on the first side, flipped to skin-side-down and cooked another 2-3 minutes. D decided to get more of the rice, and I wanted a bit too. This is what I got!

That was it! We had a small bit of Acme sourdough baguette that I defrosted, so I could clear my palette of zinc pill that I am taking on the off chance it’s true that it helps minimize cold symptoms.

The wine was Campos Family Vineyards, a 2015 Cabernet Franc.  It says “Estate” and then on the next line “Contra Costa County (!). On the back it says the cellared and bottled by Campos Family Vineyards, Lodi, California. So I guess it was grown locally and bottled at greater distance. D liked the wine with the dinner, and also thought the parts of the dinner really went well together, which was nice. He really cooked everything beautifully!

Couldn’t decide on the wine picture…


Dessert was a chunk of fruitcake. This shows the fat slice cut in two for the two of us:







Between avos. We used up the last two from our earlier Coscto trip yesterday for lunch, and the new batch of six from the Costco trip on the 4th is not ripe yet. So we decided to have nachos with just the remainder of the Monterey Jack and the remainder of the La Cascada Salsa Fresca, and add in a few jarred jalapeno slices, which was a good touch. I took the picture mostly b/c it had this cool, humongous leaf I found walking home yesterday (from where??).


Just for the tea: I ran across The Good Buy, which sells righteous products, and decided to try out their tea. I liked this very much.

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