Avocados with cottage cheese and French dressing before the Planning Commission meeting – 7 February 2018

We had pork tenderloin left, enough for sandwiches again, and we had one avocado that was ripening, but perhaps not quite ready. D said let’s have the sandwiches for lunch and see if the avo is rpier for dinner. I put the avo into a brown paper bag to see if that would help it ripen. Not sure much changed between lunchtime and dinner, but the avocado, though still quite firm, was tasty and we enjoyed our dinner. This is the first dinner we’ve had with this dish lately (or for years, I’d say) though it has appeared at lunch. The dressing is described a couple days ago. The cottage cheese is Clover small curd – Clover b/c they are apparently pretty nice to their cows, and small curd b/c for some reason the Bowl doesn’t stock large curd, which I totally prefer. No idea why. I put in a complaint today (writing this at lunchtime of the 8th). Anyway, this is just a delicious combination!

We drank up the half-bottle of 2013 Eagle Canyon cab from P&P (years ago) that I had the first half of when D was away. It’s been in the fridge in a 1/2-bottle, and was very good – still quite enjoyable.


[Veggie portion ends here] I got out two frozen center-cut slices from our recent Acme Upstairs Bread, defrosted them by heating at low heat a couple minutes in the toaster oven as usual, and made sandwiches with the last of the pork tenderloin from the 3rd. Romaine, mayonnaise, S&P, that’s it. D also pulled off a few large pieces of cauliflower, which he determined yesterday was terrific dipped in the French dressing. And it was again. We used up the dressing still in the small overflow-dish (wouldn’t fit into the jelly jar for storage) and then added a bit more.


After breakfast, I had the other tea I bought from thegoodbuy.com, and I liked it a lot, too.

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