Wild rice in a rice mix, cooked with mushrooms and chorizo; piperade – 12 February 2018

D discovered the Spanish chorizo I bought awhile ago for I-don’t-remember-what, and decided to use it. I said “pasta?” and he said “Nooooo” in a “don’t be ridiculous” way – as if somehow this particular kind of sausage would not go with pasta. No idea why. Anyway, he did think it would go with rice, so he asked me to start some of the wild rice mix we had while he finished a project (the rice mix takes 45 minutes or so to cook) and then he took it from there. He cooked a chunk of the mammoth sweet white onion (b/c that’s what we have), chopped, in olive oil, and also some of the remaining white mushrooms, sliced, and I cut off the exterior of the sausage, halved it, and cut into very thin pieces (so as to spread it out more, per D).

There was, by my rough measure, 1 cup plus 3 Tbsp rice left, and rather than leave a tiny bit, I cooked it all. I put the rice in water and then saw what it did to the water and decided to rinse it. I skoodged it around in the water I had added, poured off as much as I could with all the pits of dust and whatever in it, returned to the pan and rinsed again, then drained as thoroughly as possible. I added 2 cups +6 Tbsp water, but decided an extra 1/4 cup, b/c it is not regular white rice, would be a good idea. I also added 3/4 tsp salt. I brought this to a solid boil, lowered the heat to Low, stirred only the slightest bit to be sure the rice was not sticking to the pan, covered and let cook, ultimately (after a few checks) for about 45 minutes. It steamed a bit while D got the other stuff ready, then he added the rice to the frying pan with the other goodies and cooked them together for a bit – no idea how long, but not long. Everything already cooked by this point. It turned out to be really good. D thought it didn’t tie together well, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then he just added piperade to the plates alongside, decided that looked too dead or something on black plates (which he had requested) and added in three raw green beans for each of us, for prettiness (and they were tasty that way). The piperade went very well with the rice mix. It was a great addition in bites by itself, and also in mixed bites with the rice. D ended up stirring his together.

D wanted to try one of the Tempranillos we got at The Wine Mine last time – this called “Dama de Toro” (2014) and it was quite good. We both thought we’d willingly buy a couple more, but were not about to head out for that purpose. It was $9.50, so a decent value. Toro seems to be a denominacion de origen.

I wanted dessert later and opened a Sumo mandarin, and split it with D. Those are so wonderfully easy to open and eat – definitely a pleasure.



[Paragraph added 21 March!] We had a simple lunch of sandwiches, with Monterey Jack (undoubtedly, b/c that’s what I insist on with avocados) and… avocados. I served the last bit of avo on the plate, and also some cauliflower. Shot D’s plate on the island b/c it was so pretty in that light:



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