Grilled chicken thighs; endive with milk-soaked croutons; semolina with bay – 11 March 2018

This came about when trying to come up with a main dish to have with braised endive with milk-soaked croutons (from ‘ino). Which got onto the agenda when I foolishly left out two “seeds” from the Acme Pain Epis after dinner on the 6th. Don’t remember how the semolina with bay got into it, except that that’s always a good accompaniment to grilled chicken or pork. Then we noticed we would be out walking and could obtain a bay leaf for dinner right before the said dinner. Fun. So we did that.

This very bay leaf!

D marinated and grilled the chicken, which I had partially defrosted before our walk. He used sliced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and some old wine, S&P, then grilled on our range grill.

I made the endive with milk-soaked croutons. The original of this recipe is from Simple Italian Snacks, by Denton and Kellinger, and uses escarole. D tried it with endive instead and we loved it so that’s what we do.

For two of us, I used two fat endives, and two cloves garlic, cooking them in 2 Tbsp olive oil – but I am going to try 1 Tbsp next time. Also, used 1/3 tsp salt and think 1/4 tsp would be preferable. Cook the oil “on medium heat for 2 minutes” seemed a bit long. I used 1 minute, then tossed in the individual leaves I had removed from the endives, and the sliced garlic, and the salt, and tossed thoroughly. I ended up then using a heat somewhat below med-low, and cooking a long time to stew them. The croutons were large chunks of dried bread (2 chunks of a pain epis) in a small, deep bowl (the orange one) not quite covered in whole milk, and stirred bottom to top repeatedly for at least an hour. I squeezed them out and put on the toaster oven’s little baking pan and cooked at 400. This is a bit challenging. Also, I forgot to drizzle with olive oil and did that later in the cooking process. They were ok but not as good as usual. Thought we had a red onion but only yellow, so the very-thin slices wer the wrong kind, but I thought they were fine. D noted the difference, though. Endive, then onion (uncooked) then croutons, still warm, over the top. Still good despite the errors.

I also made the semolina, which is incredibly easy. Heated 2 cups whole milk to boiling, with the new bay leaf in it and 1 tsp salt, then streamed in 1/2 cup semolina (Bob’s nRed Mill) and stirred while keeping it bubbling for maybe 4 minutes (recipe says 3-5). It never really disconnects from the sides of the pan – another way Patricia Wells suggests to tell it’s done – so use the timer instead of the description. At the end, stirred in 1/4 cup grated parmaggiano and some freshly grated nutmeg. This recipe is (halved) from Patricia Wells At Home in Provence, a superb cookbook.

We decided to try out the “Silk & Spice 2015 Red Blend” that we got at The Wine Mine on Saturday. We enjoyed it fine, but it didn’t go all that well with the meal, and in fact positively rebelled at being drunk after a bite of endive. We would consider getting another bottle, but not clear what it would go with. Likely would be gone before we got back anyway, so likely moot.

I originally wrote about a photo of three types of citrus here, of which we had one each for dessert – except there is no such photo on the 11th. Probably we had a mandarin or two, but I can’t prove it… [Paragraph added 20 March]


We finished off the tagine – microwaved the last of the couscous with a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the dish to steam it, and heated the tagine itself thoroughly in a small pan. Halfway through, I decided to cut the kefta in half so they could heat more easily (“more that way!” says D :). This time I remembered to add the small container I had saved of chopped cilantro and mint. D wanted a slice of bread with this, too, and so I managed to steal the end off it to swab the plate with 🙂 And I steamed up some haricots.


Pretty sure I made this omelette (one egg) for breakfast just so I could have toast from the Acme Sweet Rustic Round loaf. I used… not sure what cheese – I think some of the last of the Monterey Jack (or the last of it… have to check the 10th and 9th) but mostly included a ton of shopped basil from the plant on the island, which is not supremely happy and I think needs to be used up. [Breakfast added on the 2oth]



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