Omelette with Fontina Valle d’Aosta and leftover milk; piperade – 12 March 2018

D got the idea of having piperade again when I bought a discounted bag of red peppers and one yellow one for the polenta with peppers and greens. Needed to buy one more yellow for this dinner, and also added two heirloom tomatoes that were on sale for  $1.09/lb (!) and looked more promising than the Romas (which looked as though they would be white inside). One of the tomatoes actually had a bit of tomato taste to it (not the pictured one, alas).


Anyway, I made the piperade according to this recipe from Pintxos by Gerald Hirigoyen, and D made the omelette. He used three eggs, and the probably-half-cup of milk squeezed from the soaking croutons a couple days ago (yay!), salt and pepper.


He cooked up the remaining small bit of white onion, and a sliced med-small garlic clove, in butter, then cooked the eggs till mostly done, and then added some of the Fontina Valle d’Aosta, finely grated. I toasted up the slices from a new loaf of Acme Upstairs Bread.


We had a wine we got at The Wine Mine on Saturday – the only one from the tasting that we bought this time – that I thought would go well with an omelette. It went fine, but nothing extraordinary about it. However, it’s a good, basic white with interesting flavor for only $9, so might get more, if they still have it when we end up back there. It’s called Basa (Blanco 2015), and is a Verdejo (90% [and 10% Viura – unfamiliar!]) from the Rueda denominacion in northern Spain (WM’s theme for the week’s tasting).


I made the remainder of the polenta into patties (just pressed in my hands – no need to add anything) and cooked them in canola oil in a hot cast iron pan. I discovered that the plastic container (red-topped) that the greens-and-peppers topping was in was microwave safe, so I zapped that 30 seconds (w/o top), turned it a bit, and zapped another 30 seconds, and just served everything out, adding a bit of Upstairs Bread toast. Great lunch!


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