Leftover Baked Garden Vegetables – 20 March 2018

This is spring? {sigh} Well, at least it’s rain we need. It’s been cold and gray and this will continue for several more days, apparently. We planned to do more on our taxes, heading into preparing for Section C – whoopie! – so it was great we had the rest of the Baked Garden Vegetables left over from the 17th.

I had moved the remaining half of them to our 9″? Corning Ware casserole and topped with the same aluminum foil used in cooking, so they were essentially ready to go into the oven. I forgot to take them out at 5pm to pre-warm to room temp, though, and put the Corning thingy (temporarily sans foil) into warmed water in our 12″ Revere pan for a bit at 6:15 to get it started. I put into the cold oven – no reason it needed to preheat before “cooking” for this re-heat – and it took more than a half hour (checked periodically) to heat up nicely. I was thinking “wow, took as long to reheat as to cook” and D said “an hour and 45 minutes?” I forgot this was not 40, but 105 minutes in the oven. Something else was 40… Anyhow, at the end I turned off the oven, then remembered to grate the rest of the extra-sharp cheddar – possibly another ounce or a bit more – over the top and return to the oven. Took about 2 minutes to melt, and that was that. I also defrosted (in the toaster oven) three slices from the smaller part of the frozen Acme Italian loaf. D decided on an old favorite, St. Jacques d’Albas 2014 “Domaine d’Albas Minervois.”




I really didn’t need to photograph this lunch, but isn’t the bunny-bread cute? Steamed and then reheated with butter, S&P, the remaining 7 Brussels sprouts, and reheated in olive oil the last of the rice/black beans/poblano mix D made last night. Good lunch.

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