Grilled, marinated swordfish with red pepper aioli for Easter dinner; Brussels sprouts; mixed rices – 1 April 2018

Resisted the temptation to tell R&E “April Fool” about the promised swordfish.

Since the Bowl would be closed on Easter, I asked on Friday if there would be a fish delivery on Saturday, the last purchase day before we wanted to cook the fish. No, so the fish I bought Saturday would be the same sitting before me Friday – I bought 2 lb of 1 ½” thick steaks, looking carefully to avoid those that were too thick. Though given they were to be cubed, it would have been

Marinated swordfish awaiting grilling


possible just to cut them in oblongs and grill through the thin direction, now that I think of it. Anyway, the fishmonger gave me a bag of crushed ice so I could carry the fish home, and I set the fish on the crushed ice, in a Dutch oven, in the bottom drawer of the fridge, thinking this would keep it coldest. Sunday afternoon, the ice water had escaped from the bag and started to wet the fishwrap, but till then, it turned out to be a good way to store the fish.

The fish is tossed in a paprika/cayenne/olive oil/etc. marinade, and then grilled. The aoili starts with garlic and roasted red bell peppers, with the addition of (obviously) mayonnaise. I need to write this up for this blog.

At the last minute, I noticed I had forgotten to start the Thai jasmine rice. Argh! R&E happened to have some leftover rice that wanted eating, and we had a bit of the “Olde World” pilaf that likewise, so we determined to mix them. Unfortunately, we forgot, until E asked, that the pilaf had been cooked with a Tbsp of butter; and E was on her dairy-free experiment, so she declined the rice mix. Fortunately, she enjoyed the fish without the rice.

We had Brussels sprouts, boiled, and D removed E’s before mixing the other ¾ with butter; E had grabbed her pseudo-butter, which she likes ok, so D put that over her serving of sprouts.

I had suggested to D that he reprise (which he had wanted to do) the interesting salad he had made back on the 27th, and he thought that was a great idea. This is based on a bit of romaine, but not much, some of the chicory growing in the back from a six-pack D bought last fall at East Bay Nursery (on a whim), finely chopped fresh carrots, some scallions, some arugula flowers, some of the little yellow flowers that grow in the back, and one pretty nasturtium flower atop each serving. And probably more I’m forgetting (drafting this the 16th in Word, during the internet drought). He made a champagne vinaigrette to dress it. R&E found it as wonderful as I did.


We decided to try the Irouleguy Manseng white with this, and it went well – also had it for “cooking wine” (wine to drink while cooking). D wanted to try the 2015 Getariako Txakolina called “Finca Jakue,” which we got at a Wine Mine tasting recently, to see if it would go with the fish. It’s bright and has a sparkly feel to it; it cost $13.50. We enjoyed the wine but thought it was a less good match than the Irouleguy (which cost, $25, including the case discount, at the Bowl).


R&E brought over a dairy-less sort of breakfast cake that I think E had made and I need to check with them about what to call it. We enjoyed it a lot. IIRC after we discussed possibly having coffee with it – never a great idea near bedtime – R suggested a Puerto Rican rum they still had a bit of, and ran home to get that – Ron del Barrilito, it’s called – and we enjoyed the pairing.


We had one of D’s chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon 🙂


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