Takeout pizza from Fist of Flour, after Pints for Paws event – 2 June 2018

We spent the afternoon at Pints for Paws, a ridiculously expensive (especially since we also bought tickets for R&E) but really fun benefit for the local Humane Society, where, once inside, you can taste everything there – mostly beers, a couple of wines, a few ciders – and most from more or less obscure brewers. This year, in addition to libations, they had a bean-bag toss game and a giant version of that thing where you stack wooden blocks in layers at 90 degrees to each other, and then people see how many they can pull out without the stack collapsing. Good fun things to do. But I just tasted stuff – very disciplined, too! – I asked for small tastes till I was sure I was about to leave, and then got a nice tasting (3 oz is a full taste) of… something – what was it? at the end, that D&I had both liked. Green Flash Stout, says D.

So, anyway, we bought a nifty thing called Nacho Macho or something from the Canasta food truck, and it was good but messy. When we were about to leave, I asked the Fist of Flour people if their pizzas could be done half-baked – baker said no, their oven was too hot (odd answer – just take it out sooner – duh!) but anyway, Ok, I walked away. But then one of the FoF people came running up with a pepperoni pizza that had a hole in it so they couldn’t sell it (I had seen them discussing it for no-obvious reasons while there) and asked if I would like it for $5. Sure – what the heck. So we took that home and heated on the stone for 5 minutes at 375. Bad idea to put it on the stone – remember it has a hole, so the cheese spilled into the hole and stuck to the stone. But overall, it was fine and the cheese came off the next morning.

And after all that beer, we had water for dinner!


Cheese sandwich, looks like Acme Upstairs Bread (writing the 11th) – was this the one where D thought we were going to grill them but I have out the lettuce? Not as good as grilled, but which cheese was it? Owel… anyway, I took this and almost left it out of the blog, but it’s a nice documentation of having a very nice veggie at lunchtime – a medium-sized zucchini, sliced and cooked in olive oil with S&P and dill weed. I intended the zucchini to be large enough to slice lengthwise and grill, so it was larger than what I’d normally buy for lunch for two, but it was not remotely too much.


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