Spaghetti with filet beans and tapenade – 4 June 2018

This is one of D’s favorite things to make – it’s from Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, and Calzone. Steam the beans one minute, make the tapenade (garlic + salt -> paste, olive oil, olives, anchovies, cognac). Serve the cooked spaghetti with tapenade and beans. Here’s a nice set of pictures of it. The Mary Grabill plates look good with most anything, don’t they.






I bought an Acme Italian Batard b/c that’s D’s favorite for pasta. He chose a Brutocao zin from the cellar – this is still the 2008 batch we got from Grocery Outlet – still terrific!


D is in salad mode. Also, there are still tons of nasturtiums taking over the garden, so he takes out some and they turn into food. Pretty one today 🙂 He wanted to try having a salad with hard boiled egg and avocado. I don’t think either of us was impressed – they don’t really talk to each other. D thought I should use the leftover (from flight on the 29th) Vino Volo balsamic reduction in a V&O dressing, and I put this into a cup with the oil and then acknowledged that I really didn’t want to do that, and made a red wine vinegar vinaigrette instead. Maybe this would have been better with D’s choice of dressing.

We had a chunk of cheese with this – one I picked up after tasting it at the Bowl. It’s called “Fiscalini Bandage Aged Cheddar.” What?? Seems it’s wrapped in a bandage for aging, and you can kinda see that on the top of the cheese. It’s a raw cow’s milk cheese. Anyway, we really like this cheese! Anyway, it was on sale for $19.99, and that was $5/lb off, so it seemed a good time to buy it if I was ever going to.

Here are some nasturtiums I rescued from the aging vines I removed from the front yard. It seems that each plant has about one fresh flower and a lot of drying or dried ones.

The orange one, though, I picked up off the concrete about in front of the studio yesterday, and it had no stem, only the pointy back of the flower, but I stuck it in water anyway. And lo and behold, it is fine!



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