Fettucine with mushrooms and pea pods – 7 June 2018

I think I’ve got this recipe for two down, finally. Probably…

For two people, one of whom (that would be D) likes large pasta servings (2 oz dried = 1 serving), I use 5 oz dry fettucine. These measurements should work for 5 oz pasta. However, I have not tried the raised mushroom amount below – just know it should be higher.


Clean and slice enough to make 1 cup mushrooms. (This was slightly under 1/2 cup tonight.) I used white; cremini would be great, too.

Clean and de-string 1/2 cup pea pods. If you prefer easy-to-eat over dramatic-looking, cut them in half or thirds. Crosswise, obviously.

Finely grate 2 Tbsp parmaggiano.

Wash, dry and cut up 1-2 Tbsp chives.

You also need: butter, salt, pepper, 1 Tbsp cream.

Cooking it has three streams:

Cook the fettucine as directed on the package. Mine takes 11 minutes, in boiling, salted water. The rest can be done while the fettucine cooks.

Steam the pea pods in one layer over boiling water for 1 minute. Remove from the pan.

I did this in the same pan, after dumping the small amount of water (which eventually went on the garden: this is California; there is no salt in the steaming water) and letting the pan dry in its own heat. Cook the mushrooms in something like 2 Tbsp butter. For the small er amount, I used 1 Tbsp butter, but I think more msrms will require more butter. CAREFULLY distribute 1/8 tsp salt over the mushrooms as they cook. Don’t allow salt-rich spots b/c they won’t distribute later. Cook the mushrooms 2-3 minutes.

Drain the finished fettucine (use the hot water to warm the pasta bowls) and return the pasta to the pan. I keep the saucepan on low at this point. Add 1-2 Tbsp butter (consider using just 1 here instead of 2 if you upped the mushroom amount to 2 Tbsp). and the cream, the cheese, and at least 1/2 Tbsp chives (just leave out enough to garnish with), and a *well-distributed* 1/4 tsp salt. Mix well till the butter is melted. Fold in the mushrooms and pea pods; empty and wipe out the heated bowls, and serve. Garnish with the remaining chives. And I added a chive blossom b/c it was there 🙂 Very strong flavor, though!

Looks like we defrosted some slices of Acme Italian.

D wanted to try the new wine I had bought on spec at the Bowl – it was on one of the barrels by the cheese counter – but I was skeptical. This is a rich and rather forceful pasta and a rich, luxurious wine I thought would be more appropriate. I still do 🙂 We enjoyed the wine, though, and it’s a great price ($8.99) so we’ll probably get more when we buy a case (10% off).


Dinner was great, but more to say today about lunch. Lunch was not veggie, that tag was about dinner.

We went to SFMOMA to see The Train, three presentations about the train that carried Bobby Kennedy’s body from NYC to Arlington Cemetery. We went into town in time for lunch and wandered a bit in the vicinity of MOMA, seeing a lot of uninspiring fast-ish food places, till D suggested we try this one: Madeleine. It was great! We ordered two sandwiches and split them. The menu fragments show the ingredients; the tuna is on the right, the chicken on the left.

I ordered the tuna, and ended up preferring it as more interesting. The chicken did not have the adobo taste I (and I think D) expected. It was a very good sandwich, just not as interseting as the tuna. Capers! Who’da thot?

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