Pan-fried tilapia; Moros y Cristianos; radish greens – 8 June 2018

Out of the blue, D said You could buy fish since you’re going to the Bowl. Who said anything about fish? Seems he had in mind that black beans and rice would go nicely with fish, which of course was a great idea. He had a more amorphous idea bout the beans and rice, but I pulled out my quick-version of Moros y Cristianos and we went with that. (This recipe was modified from Joy of Cooking, as I understand it – I used a printed out version at Mom’s and took out stuff like fresh habaneros, imagining her cutting one and then rubbing her eyes, and also the from-scratch black beans. But…) D wanted to cook dried beans, so I picked over (almost unnecessary), cleaned, and quick-soaked (boil 2 minutes, cover and let sit >1hr) the beans, then cooked them without salt for an hour or so. D noticed they were done before I added salt (intended in the last 10 minutes) and he added 1 tsp to the 1 cup (measured dry) beans and they sat in that water; they were perfectly salted when we used them. So, that worked. Then followed this recipe. using 2 cups of the cooked beans. Oh, we used short-grain brown rice this time, so it cooked 45 minutes or so, and D added 2 1/2 cups rather than 2 1/4 cups water along with the canned, diced tomatoes. Waited to add the beans till shortly before the rice was done IIRC. There was too much water so I removed the lid for quite a few minutes at the end of the cooking time.

D cooked the tilapia. He put garlic and pepper on it, but no salt (thinking that the rest of the meal would supply that), red pepper flakes, and also Piment d’Espelette. Cooked in olive oil. It was very good.

I bought radishes so had to cook the leaves right away b/c they don’t last. I cleaned them by hand in water, removed the hard stems and placed the leaf pieces in the salad spinner and washed again. Radishes are seriously muddy things. Boiled a few minutes n salted water, squeezed out, returned to the pan with butter and pepper, served. They’re tasty.

D chose the Irouleguy I’d put in the fridge on spec. Not obviously a good match with this meal, though I love the wine. They didn’t fight, just didn’t have much to say to each other.


Wait. This is the hard-boiled-egg and avocado salad D wanted to make. What was the other one? Anyway, fine but no obvious conversation between those two elements. I made red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing, but that wasn’t great either. But of course the nasturtiums are gorgeous 🙂 D took some of the leftover Thai jasmine rice and added it to sauteed onions and mushrooms. I see green flecks – parsley? Anyway, more of this! It was very yummy. Also defrosted some Morell’s country batard slices.




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