Spaghetti with mushrooms, pine nuts, parsley, and pecorino; super-vegetabley salad – 9 June 2018

We can’t remember what was the third (F,S,S) dinner we thought up to have over this weekend (till it is safe to return to the Bowl on Monday). But this was one of them – scheduled for Friday until D said since I was going to the Bowl, I could get fish and we could have fish with black beans and rice. Out of the blue. But that was last night. Tonight he made his signature pasta, partly b/c we had very nice white mushrooms to use up (big ones!) and also parsley.

I was going to refer to another post for the recipe, but I’ve been rather casual about reporting it. So this becomes it! Not that there are a lot of specifics here… but here is an illustration of the amounts for the topping for two people, except the pine nuts. There are five mushrooms, each 3 to 3 1/2 inches across. The tiles are 4″. Could use more parsley if you wanted to.

Cook the sliced mushrooms in olive oil (a Tbsp or two?), adding a small handful of pine nuts and the finely chopped parsley. To serve, top the spaghetti with the topping, add the coarsely chopped parsley, and put shaved (with a carrot peeler) pecorino romano over the top – perhaps 2 oz of it for two of us, but I didn’t measure it.

I washed up more of the lettuce packet R offered us from the Bowl (half a milli-ton, per R) but less tha at lunch, and then added a lot of veggies, some on D’s suggestion, some mine. One nice, large radish, one thin carrot, a couple inches of English cucumber, some nasturtium seeds, some roasted and salted peanuts… is that all? It was a very nice, crunchy salad. D finished off and dressed the salad with the olive oil and leftover-from-Vino-Volo balsamic reduction that I’d put into  cup the other day at his behest before realizing that really wasn’t the dressing I wanted on my salad.

I had, in the dark, brought up a CalStar ZaZaZin (2015) the other day instead of grabbing a chardonnay as I’d intended, and put it in the fridge with the other wines w/o noticing. So D pulled that out and let it warm a bit, and it worked fine with the meal, though it was not the best bottle of ZaZa we’ve had. D also took my suggestion that we could use up the Acme Sweet Baguette piece from the freezer, and he defrosted it, and later sliced it and toasted the slices, topping with olive oil – good idea.





I decided we should have some of the leftover Moros y Cristianos from last night, along with the mandatory salad-to-use-up-lettuce-pillow. I also decided, and D said fine, that I should make my favorite avocado and olive (Nicoise) salad this time. I also made a dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. Defrosted two (D’s selection) slices of Morrell’s Country Batard. Good lunch 🙂


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