Fettucine with fresh tomato sauce and chevre; avocado and olive salad – 21 July 2018

What a great Saturday – relaxing, though full, b/c we did everything in a relaxed way. Started with a bike trip to Cheese Board for Parmaggiano Reggiano and a City Bread loaf, then to Missing Link for a new pump, then to Ace for a bike tool, then the farmers’ market for peaches, where D also found some nice zucchini and tomatoes, then to the P.O. and home – downhill ๐Ÿ™‚ The only problem with all of this is locking up the bikes – D ended up waiting with the (unlocked) bikes at CB, and I at Ace and the P.O. (he had the key this time), but we locked them up so we could both stroll around the market, which is so pleasant. I suggested we try the new Fra’ Mani sausages (fully cooked kinds) that I got at the Bowl Friday, with toast and scrambled eggs. Why not? So that’s what we had – a good breakfast-for-lunch (at bottom). Went off to The Wine Mine for their “porch pounders” tasting and bought one copy each of today’s tasting, but a pile of wines we’d tried at home from their “unusual grapes” tasting awhile ago. Home and took care of some waiting necessities… I cooked dinner b/c it was my idea, and that was it.

So, dinner: I used one very pretty farmers’ market tomato that’s been sitting on our west-facing kitchen windowsill since I guess Tuesday. It was not a fabulous tomato, but certainly up to the job. Also one mega clove of garlic (actually, I think there was a little piggyback one along with an already-large one in the same wrapper) and a couple 1/4″ or 1/3″ thick slices of a large yellow onion that’s been been being chipped away at for a couple of days and living in the fridge. Cooked those in a splash of olive oil for a bit (while running around gathering clothes and fixing blankets) and then added the cut-up tomato and 8 stemmed sage leaves from the garden, and, in two halves, a dash of salt. Also some water, so the tomato would not dry out before it was cooked into a nice sauce. I cooked the fettucine about 11 minutes (bought in bulk, no box w/ instructions) and added to the sauce, turned a bit (challenge in the medium cast-iron pan) and then added maybe 2 oz – all that was left, and this was why I made this dish at this moment – of the remaining goat cheese, a local one from CB on a previous visit, and only $10/lb. It was good, though neither of us could taste the sage particularly. I decided earlier that adding something green would be good, so I asked D if he’d like one of the new zucchini or a salad, and he said salad. The avocado (from Costco on the 12th) that I’d put into the fridge was perfect – spotless when peeled, and the peel came off easily and in large pieces. We’re out of Nicoise olives (though there’s something in a drawer that I didn’t check on, as D pointed out later) so I used the pitted picholines that I got for… something else… Oh, the “Little Italy Relish” with the flank steak, and leftover as a pizza topping, last week. The salad was great, with just a simple EVOO/Red wine vinegar/S&P dressing on it. I went looking in the fridge drawers for the three lettuces we have and immediately found the bag of washed, torn lettuces that I removed from the bowl when making the “Taco Salad” last week (D thought it looked too big for the two of us), so that made the salad a lot easier!

I’m never sure what wine will go ok with tomatoes in any form. D says “Spaghetti!” as though wine must inherently go b/c it’s an Italian dish ๐Ÿ™‚ We were in the cellar putting away the new purchases from The Wine Mine and he pointed out Il Cuore, and I said fine, and then he also noted a couple of Penfolds bottles, and I said let’s go with that b/c they want drinking. The Il Cuore is a recent purchase (also from WM). The Penfolds I’m pretty sure was from Costco. It’s a 299n Shiraz (71%) Cab (29%) from South Australia. It was a fine choice – no special synergy, but a pleasant wine with the meal.

Lunch (meatless portion ends here…):

Lunch, as above: toast from the new Cheese Board City Bread, scrambled eggs (one each, dollop of milk, S&P), and – the point – well, maybe the toast was also the point ๐Ÿ™‚ – two new Fra’ Mani sausages from yesterday’s tasting at the Bowl. I haven’t looked to see how $$ these were… Anyway, cooked up, in olive oil, one breakfast sausage (about 6 minutes) and one Savory Herb Sausage (8-12 minutes) on medium heat in the medium cast-iron pan (that pan gets a lot of work). It was a delicious lunch! I slightly preferred the breakfast sausage (Mattinata) in this context, but both were excellent. Oh right – and, per D’s suggestion, we ate up on the deck. It was pleasant and windless, quite a nice temperature. I don’t remember getting sun in my eyes, either, which is odd since the deck faces west.

The sausages were $7.99 for five Mattinata (total 10 oz) and $6.49 for four (somewhat fatter) Savory Herb Sausages (total 12 oz), less $1.00 each for the one-day coupons. I believe, though, that the server said that at least one of these was on sale by the Bowl b/c they were getting near their sell-by date – likely the SH ones are $7.99 most of the time, too?

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