Fresh pappardelle with sausage and chicory; zucchini – 22 July 2018

D invented this, after a dish I cook with some low frequency, radicchio with bacon/pancetta, the original from Saveur. It mostly worked really well; the only exception is that we misguessed how to cook the chicory, and it was too chewy and detracted from the enjoyment a bit. But a good idea and we should try it again. D wants me to use more of the chicory (six plants!) so we will soon make with the bacon/dandelion pancakes or the pizza I based on that.

I pulled at least a couple dozen (didn’t count, rats!) 8″ leaves or so, and washed them up and left to dry. Later, D cut out the center hard stems. He cooked one of the new Fra’ Mani sausages – the Savory Herb Pork Sausage – in olive oil, then cut it up into small half-rounds. I forgot, as I always do, that the onions cook 30 minutes(!) in the same pan with the already-cooked sausage. Instead, D cooked the sausage in one pan and the onions in another, and added in the chicory about 2 minutes from the end. We think possibly steaming it (as in the bacon/dandelion pancakes) might work better – moist cooking before adding it to the mix. After the sausage was out, D decided to try cooking the zucchini in the sausage pan. He wasn’t impressed, but I thought it was fine – certainly was worth trying!

We had just that little heel from the Cheese Board City Bread, which has been tucked into its paper bag and is still in good shape. The other two pieces I froze for later use.

D chose a 2008 Brutocao Zin to go with this – we have only two of these and one Cab remaining in the cellar from the large stash we got years ago at Grocery Outlet. That was quite a find. We love this wine and will miss it.

Had more of R’s lovely strawberry ice cream for dessert!


Still enjoying the “3 baskets for $10” shishitos we got from Tomatero at the Grand Lake farmers’ market on the 14th. D cut the kernels off one of the “3 ears for 99 cents” corn cobs I got at the Bowl (not that great as summer corn goes, but I can’t say the 49 cent ones looked a lot better), and cooked them in the oil left after frying the shishitos. I made us sandwiches with four rather thick slices of the City Bread, Ivy’s cheddar from the Bowl last week (a tasting – this is really good cheese!) a small tomato from last Saturday’s market, some lettuce from Blue Heron last week… then mayonnaise, with and added mustard and onions for D.


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