Two locally-made sausages; refried potatoes with chives; zucchini; reheated roasted tomatoes with thyme and garlic – 23 July 2018

This dinner was D’s idea – some leftovers, a new zucchino, and two different sausages from recent farmers’ market purchases. I cooked the zucchini in olive oil with salt and pepper, and also reheated the boiled potato chunks in EVOO with S&P, then added butter before serving and tossed to spread it around (also scraped all the good toasty bits from the pan) and topped with chives on the plate. D cooked the sausages: a thin Country Sage sausage from Riverdog, and a new Cinghiale (wait.. it’s French, not Italian… ) Fabrique de Delices (that’s who made it) Saucisse de Sanglier. D eventually added olive oil, then some  white wine (Calstar, as it turns out – a bottle that was, long ago, undrinkable for some reason), and finally deglazed with a Trentatre (red) of the same description. (Actually, that one was recent enough that I remember it was corked.) D tossed the rest of the roasted Roma tomatoes and  garlic (and their thyme stems) into the same (medium cast-iron) pan with the sausages late in the game. Deglazing happened after they were served, I’m sure. So – great dinner!

I went for the wine. D was wondering if a really spectacular pinot (read: CalStar) would be right, but I remembered this Costco pinot that I had never been able to convince D to fit in, and decided that would be good. The notes on the back, from the Costco salesman, say duck, salmon, but I thought that sounded plausible or a sausage dinner. It was! I really loved this wine! Talbott’s Kali Hart 2014 Pinot Noir “Estate Grown.” This is from Monterey. More!


We tossed ideas back and forth and finally D came up with this lunch (while I made the bed and hung out the laundry and stuff). He served out two chunks each of Bowl Manchego, and some water crackers that were a bit on the old side (so he decided we should eat them all up – I gave him 3 of mine, in the end). Then there were more shishitos, which D cooked in olive oil, then added corn-off-the-cob (from one of the 3/99 cents cobs from the Bowl last week). Finally, he cut up the last two small tomatoes from the Saturday farmers’ market and made his avocado and tomato invention (with red onion bits), this time with red wine vinegar (good!) instead of balsamic. He also took out the Tomatero strawberries from the 14th, which wanted eating, so I washed them up and we had them for dessert.

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