Maltagliati with chives and bacon; salad – 24 July 2018

For the two of us for dinner, we need something like 2/3 of a recipe of Paul Bertolli’s pasta dough – which is irreducible b/c it has one egg – so I dry the remainder in some useful form. When we had ravioli last week, I needed a couple more ravs so I rolled the extra dough to “6” instead of the more usual (for fettucine or pappardelle) “5” on the Atlas pasta maker, and then cut the remainder into maltagilati (though I didn’t cut it that well 😉 . So when D wanted to try his sausage-and-chicory variant on our pappardelle/bacon (or pancetta) recipe on the 22nd, I rolled the last two sixths of the dough ball to a 6 again, and added enough maltagliati to make a dinner – a thin one (oh LOL – yeah, 6!) – but still, a reasonable main dish. This is a recipe straight from The Pasta Bible by Teubner et al., and I’ve made it before. For the scant 4 oz of maltagliati, I used 1/2 of a slice of thick-cut bacon (Costco’s Niman Ranch Apple-smoked, uncured – from the freezer), cut into very small pieces and cooked till well done but not darkened. I had leftover chives that I had cut (too many of) to sprinkle over the leftover potatoes on the 23rd. We ran out of Parmaggiano from Costco and they didn’t have the Stravecchio when E and I went last week, so I went to Cheese Board and picked up a nice hunk of raw Parm there. Cooked the maltagliati 3 minutes in boiling, salted water (heating bowls with the hot pasta water) drained, turning the noodles over several times in the colander using a large cooking spoon, b/c there seemed to be a lot of trapped water in them (wow, are they tender little things! but held up fine to the spooning). I returned the maltagliati to the pan with 1 Tbsp butter (per recipe, or 1/4 of the recipe actually) but we decided later that should be more – there is a Lot more surface area in “6” pasta than in the same weight of “5” pasta! Try 1 1/2 Tbsp next time for this amount of thin noodles. The bacon was spoon-drained and stirred in at this point – it sticks well and stays reasonably distributed on the noodles, interestingly. The butter? Served this in heated and wiped dry bowls, then snipped the chives over the top and shaved Parmaggiano over the servings to finish them. I brought the carrot peeler and cheese to the table in case we wanted more, and we both did. It was delicious, and the thin pasta was quite intriguing – so tender and delicate! This is a good form for leftover fresh pasta. I got some Edible Schoolyard bread from Acme out of the freezer, and some Acme Italian for D.

D chose a salad to go with the pasta. He decided on this right after lunch, so I could title this post and then record the amazing salsa he made up on the spot. D cut up one of the farmers’ market tomatoes from last week, which had been sitting on the sunny kitchen windowsill, and served it over the extra lettuce that I had cleaned for… something or other, then one of us thought it was too much. Probably the “Taco salad.” He made a typical vinaigrette for this, though at the time (now it’s the 26th) I didn’t write it down. He did use some basil from the kitchen island, a Thai-like one that was mislabeled in its bag as “field basil” at the Bowl. Tastes like anise, a bit.

D brought up one of the few remaining bottles of our much-loved Chateau de Manissey Cotes du Rhone, and we much-loved it.

After our weekly going-over-finances work, we had the last of the lovely strawberry ice cream from R&E. It was wonderful while it lasted…



D made up a salsa – amazing and delicious with no planning! He took the larger of the remaining farmers’ market tomatoes from the 14th, and added red onion; garlic; three or four jarred jalapeno slices, cut up fine; a small amount of E’s pikliz (between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp or so?), some Sriracha sauce (“little squirt”); and some salt. He thinks that’s all. Anyway, it was really great! I grated the remaining Monterey Jack over trays of Costco’s chips – the cheap but really good ones in monster bags – and melted the cheese under the broiler for half a minute, and also chopped up the avocado halves – after washing off the moldy-tasting cottage cheese 😦 that caused us to abandon our original plan.

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