Nasturtium pizza; lettuce salad – 4 August 2018

The intersection of nasturtium season with tomato season is brief. By the time good tomatoes appear in the farmers’ markets, the nasturtiums, being unwatered for months (we’re good Californians) are drying up, though they will still produce the a few blossoms here and there. The leaves in shaded areas can still be pretty rich green. I decided to make one nasturtium pizza this year before the leaves all were gone, but I neglected to get to the farmers’ market this morning, and alas to that. Counted on the Bowl to have some sort of decent tomato – but no! The organic section, where I hoped to see Tomatero or Riverdog early girls – still had hothouse tomatoes! The regular section had several non-hothouse varieties, but they were pale imitations of tomatoes. I bought some of the kind still on stems, but the one I ended up using had no tomato flavor. Not clear why they are selling these things at all.

D & I decided that if I did not have a good tomato next time, I should make the pizza without them, as they seemed unnecessary. My one previous rendition of this pizza (which is the recipe I followed pretty much) said the tomatoes added moisture, and this was true, but I think their flavorlessness actually detracted from the pizza.  Re: “followed pretty much” – I baked the pizza 2 minutes without the leaf pieces on it and another 2-3, turned 180 degrees after strewing on the leaves. Worked. New dough today, pushing 1/2 “white whole wheat” flour (King Arthur – also, the white is Central Milling again).

This is awfully cheese-rich-veggie-free, so I decided to use up most of the remaining lettuce I got over a week ago at the farm stand at M, which is still in very good shape, impressively. I washed and tore and spun it, then put into a clean (reused, of course) plastic bag in the fridge so it would stay crisp and fresh till dinner. There’s still enough for at least one more serving, either for tomorrow’s dinner, when D will be working at the show, or for lunch for two on Monday. I dressed this with EVOO, red wine vinegar, S&P. Good.

I had this dinner in mind, but was ready to change to another if D thought it would better show off the CalStar 2012 San Giacomo Pinot Noir. We are considering buying up the few remaining bottles from this vintage (as well as some from the next one). What a beautiful wine!!


D was excited about how well the Camembert (which I bought for his lunches at the Cheese Board on Thursday, before their summer hiatus started today) went with the Dirty Girl Produce tomatoes, so I tried that, too. He tore off a piece of his Acme sweet baguette for me before he left for his show.

I really am not fond of Camembert. I loved the Bergamino di bufala – a buffalo cheese from Italy – and thought it was perfect with the tomato I had. Left one tomato for D for Sunday. I indulged myself with some of a cheap but fresh and delicious wine from Slovenia – a white that comes in a liter bottle for $13.50 at Wine Mine: Crnko Jareninkan (2016). Most of it is in the fridge now, but I enjoyed a couple of small glasses with lunch. Also, ate up the bruised peach for dessert.


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