Ribs and Pizza at Aisle 5, after 2001 – 24 August 2018

At least I remembered to take the picture after dinner this time!

R alerted us to the presence of the restored, original, 70mm version of 2001 showing for its 50th anniversary at the Grand Lake, which is Where To See 2001. We thought we had another week, but fortunately I looked on Thursday and discovered it was about to close Saturday, and we arranged to attend the pm matinee Friday and then go to dinner. We were concerned that, arriving between 7 and 7:15, we would have to wait in line to get in anywhere, but we were not going for (were particularly avoiding) Terminally Hip places, and in fact, we didn’t see lines anywhere. R&E had been to Aisle 5 and really liked their ribs, so we went there, and the ribs were, indeed, really good. But later, D allowed as how he’d liked the ones we made (our first attempt, via a Weber cookbook) better. The sweetness of the bbq sauce I thought was fine, but he thought it pushed a little to far. But they were perfectly cooked, I thought. I wanted to try a “wood fired” pizza, and D wanted to try the ribs, so he proposed a “personal” pizza and one order of ribs, to split. So we did that. He preferenced (from the ones I was interested in) the Brussels sprout and bacon pizza. I’d wanted to have the pizza first, thinking of the ribs as dessert, but the ribs came first. We ended up eating them entirely, and, being underwhelmed by the pizza (it was fine, just nothing special – yo! wood fired crust should be spectacular!) we left three pieces and took them home. Motorino (NYC) has nothing to fear!

The printed “on-tap” beer menu consisted of a QR code. D had brought it up on his phone and let me scan through it rather than bother with it myself, and I found what sounded like a good beer for me, a Stout described in the picture. It was, indeed, the perfect choice.








I finally made cole slaw out of the conehead cabbage I bought over a week ago at Dirty Girl Produce at the Tuesday market. I used about half of it (it was smallish) for the two of us, and my usual recipe for dressing. I used one rather wilty, small carrot from sometime… don’t recall where this came from. D suggested – since we didn’t have any fresh bread and were going out to dinner so not on to buy any – that we have crackers and cheese. I split the last of the cheddar we got from Market Hall last Saturday, and cut two slices (which was about half) of the Basque sheep cheese from Cheese Board. Delicious cheese, that tastes like (and might, in fact, be?) P’tit Basque. Also cut up the last two Dirty Girl dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, which I had intended to use on a four-cheese pizza, to compare with Tomateros from the Bowl, but not convinced they would be happy to stick around that long. And that pizza keeps getting put off, too. Oh, I toasted the rest of the Water Crackers (garlic and pepper IIRC) at 200 in the toaster oven for a very short time – they got slightly browner – and this really fixed them up. D points out they were not that far gone in the first place, though.

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