Grilled sausages; piperade; boiled potatoes with parsley – 1 September (ack!) 2018

R texted about 5pm that he and E were bottling Stout. We had offered to make dinner for them on bottling days (only fair) but with advance warning. But we thought it would be fun, so when we were free, we went and figured it out. D went to the Bowl for some sausages, and I defrosted our one Christopher Lee spicy garlic sausage (which turned out to be the favorite). D bought, at my suggestion, two Bowl Italian sweet sausages, and I suggested two of some other kind, but there were so many choices D bought two others, both by Caggiano: Siciliano, and something like Herb & Garlic (from his memory, morning of the 3rd). D did all the grilling, and then lined up the five sausages and cut them all at the same time into four pieces each.

Some were more equal than others; but that was fine with me b/c I didn’t want to eat a lot. I cooked up the piperade, using I think five smallish Dirty Girl dry-farmed early girls, and the other ingredients from the Bowl.

Earlier, I prepped four med-large Yukon Gold potatoes of the B grade we get from the Bowl in little discount bags, cutting out the occasional inclusion while cutting the potatoes into perhaps 1″ chunks. I boiled these in well-salted water for 15 minutes, then let them drain for quite awhile – probably at least an hour – which allowed them to dry quite well before I heated them in butter in the cast-iron pan, salted and peppered, and then finally added some chopped parsley that D had kindly gathered for me.  Oh, also, when we were over asking about beer and wine and stuff, I noted a 1/3-eaten loaf of bread – turned out to be Semifreddi sourdough – and said if R&E wanted bread with dinner,r could they please bring it. So they did. Good bread, unsurprisingly. It was really a delicious meal!

D chose our last 2008 Brutocao Cab to go with the sausages. We wondered originally if it were to be a meal dedicated to the new wine, with some remaining unbottled and going directly to glasses; but R&E said no, it had to … cure, was it?… first and we could not have that tonight. They offered their previous beers, but since I had said I wanted someday to have R&E taste the wine-that-tastes-like-roses-what-on-Earth-do-we-serve-it-with from The Wine Mine tasting earlier this summer – Marotti Campi, Rubico (Lacrima di Morro d’Alba) 2016 – D said let’s have that for appetizer/cooking wine, and a cab with the meal.



And so we did. D, on his trip to get the sausages (no one there, he said! Saturday before a Monday holiday!) also bought a couple more Pecorino cheeses – Toscana and Moliterno. Adding in the Pecorinos Sardo and Romano that we already had, he put them on Sesmark Rice Thins, which made an excellent combination. [Where is the picture? I guess I didn’t take one 😦 ]

Per his guess, they were also quite good with the wine. I think the Moliterno was the best match.


For lunch, D made sorta-scrambled eggs, and boiled up some cute, small potatoes (we still have some – what did I get them for a few weeks ago?) and then added them to the egg frying pan. I defrosted and toasted up and buttered some slices of Acme Upstairs Bread. Anyway, the point was to try the eggs and potatoes with the remainder of last night’s tarragon sauce, which was odd in texture (didn’t really blend much at all), but tasted good. It worked pretty well, but probably just tossing in tarragon while cooking would do as well for the eggs. We were headed to The Wine Mine for a rose tasting, so didn’t consider wine for this weekend lunch, but indulged in a strawberry lassi from Lakshmi, which was lovely 🙂


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