Melon, grapes, and cheeses to try with this wine – 4 September 2018

I remembered that we had really liked this wine when we had the bottle we bought at the Wine Mine tasting last month or so. We wrote on the bottle “melons, grapes, cheese,” but had it with something else [check on this…] but determined to buy more when we went back to Wine Mine.

These are actually the ones we *didn’t* eat. Thought they looked cute 🙂

So we did, even though D didn’t really remember that we liked this one. So, I got a melon from Riverdog called “Sensation” (the yellowish one – finally got back to Riverdog on the 11th and looked it up – writing this the 12th) at the Tuesday market, and we had half of that, plus one fig each from “Peach Jamboree,” which used to be Woodleaf, some cute little green grapes from the Bowl, and a few cheeses.

Tuesday market, 180904

I got out the little remaining bit of Monte Enebro, likewise Fontina Valle d’Aosta, plus the two pecorinos D bought on the 1st to try with the wine that tastes like roses. I got a sweet rustic baguette at the Bowl, too, and that was dinner. Which was lovely, but really didn’t go that great with the wine, so it was not a good call. The figs with Monte Enebro were superb, unsurprisingly. The Pecorino Toscana was pretty good with the wine. I liked it better today than the previous time I had it, when I think it paled next to three other sheep cheeses. The Pecorino Moliterno was less good for the wine, but what a wonderful cheese! I really liked the grapes, too.

We had a baguette with this… where’s the photo? Hm… Ah, in the wrong directory. And out of focus, but owel. An Acme Rustic, anyway.


I took a lot of pictures of this meal. Here are the grapes we had left over:

And finally, the figs, drying after being washed. Just looked nice to me in the late-afternoon, oblique sunlight.


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