Two kinds of sausage; tabbouleh; red shishito; chard stems – 10 September 2018

D suggested we serve [some of] the rest of last night’s tabbouleh alongside some sausages. I’m always in favor of sausages, so great by me. I looked in the freezer and found two sausages we had traded R&E for, giving them a couple of the boar sausages from the same producer (from the Grand Lake Market in early August). The other chunk of Acme rustic sweet baguette that I left in its bag overnight was drying out a bit too much, so while D grilled the two sausages, one Toulouse (fat one), the other Bistro (thin one), I brushed the halved baguette with olive oil and toasted it a bit on the grill, too. D was also grilling up two shishito peppers that he had gotten from Tomatero (“so sweet!) on Saturday. Trying to guess whether they intentionally let them redden to see how they’d be, or overlooked them till they got red and then said what the heck, let’s sell them red. They’re very good, whatever the reason for their existence.         I also had some chard stems in the fridge from forever. I decided to compost them, and then really couldn’t just dump out all those nutrients, so I trimmed off any odd bits – photographed them – aren’t they beautiful!? – especially in the late afternoon light – then cut into bite-sized bits and cooked them up in olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper, draining and adding butter at the end. I told D he didn’t have to eat any (not his favorite – or mine either, for that matter, but I like them ok) and he said he’d have a bit. Well, a bit is about all there was, but that was good enough.


D said “Ooooo, Susumaniello! and ran off to the cellar to get this last bottle from this interesting grape variety, which we got at Wine Mine earlier this year (I think). It worked very well with the meal. It says “Masseria la Veli” 2015 Salento.


For dessert, I sliced up a lovely white peach from Woodleaf, now become Peach Jamboree with the advent of new owners.



We also had a nice mid-afternoon treat, when D (&R)got back from a trip to buy a 6″ vice  from Craigslist, which turned out to be 4″, so they did not buy it. Also stopped at a brewing supply for R’s benefit, which D said was much fun. In the morning, R had had a stint at their coop, and someone who was supposed to help didn’t come in (sick) so D went in and helped on that till past lunchtime, and then left on the vice trip almost immediately after his late lunch. So by the time he got home from the vice trip, he deserved a treat.

Our houseguest M had gone to the Fillmore Friday night and kindly brought us these two lovely apples. The one on the left is also seen above 🙂


I had my lunch on time when D texted to say they wouldn’t be leaving the coop before 2pm, with all the work that needed doing. Then I made D his lunch as he prepared to set off again in (vain) search of the 6″ vice. Used one of the pieces of Acme rustic baguette that sat in the wrapper overnight – at lunch it was pretty decently soft, still – to make an excellent sandwich just like yesterday’s: mayonnaise, Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar from the Bowl (English), cucumber slices (Peach Jamboree), and tomato slices (Tomatero, from Grand Lake) with some salt and pepper. Super sandwich! I also made the remainder of the small conehead cabbage into cole slaw, using this recipe. It was a most excellent lunch!



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