Spaghetti with oyster mushrooms in cream sauce; salad with tomatoes – 21 September 2018

When D asked for mushrooms the other day, and I texted him a list of promising ones at the Bowl, he said Oyster or eryngii. I bought a lot of oysters b/c they looked really wonderful. Very clean and fresh and beautiful. Also from California, rather than China.     D used a quarter or less of them in his bean and mushroom pasta last night, but used the rest tonight, all by themselves, cooked in butter, and then doused with white wine and a bit of cream. We added a bit of salt at the table, and the pasta was just wonderful! D used some lower stem parts that turned out to be too tough, so he wants to do this again with just the “leaves” of the oyster mushrooms.

We have all these lovely Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls from Tuesday, and I asked D if we should have avocado-and-tomato, or a lettuce salad with tomatoes – he chose the latter. I washed and tore up leaves from two lettuces we got on Tuesday from Blue Heron, and left them to dry on a towel, assuming I’d make the salad later, but when I got out of the shower, D had them all on plates, with tomato chunks and scallion slices. But he got back to the pasta and said I should make the dressing. It turned out really well! Just olive oil, red wine vinegar, four shakes from the UG salt shaker, and a few grinds of pepper. I tasted the whisked dressing and added more oil, and the salads turned out great! I defrosted the end and one slice from our last loaf of Acme Upstairs Bread, and that worked just fine with the meal.

We talked about wine, and I said white, maybe more stark? But then with the butter and cream, maybe a richer one. D said perhaps a CalStar Chard, and he brought up a Cuvee Ann 2014. It was terrific! We loved it with this meal, and definitely will ask for more when we order form CalStar.


A crazy bunch of stuff that turned into a great lunch: two leftover cheeses – a bit of Monte Enebro and the last of the Basque sheep cheese (D tossed a bunch of irretrievable ones today), the last three figs, some radishes, Tokyo turnips, and cucumber (Peach Jamboree) the rest of the cole slaw I made yesterday, and the heel end from the frozen half-loaf of Acme Sweet bread.

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