Spaghetti in oyster mushroom cream sauce – again; pear salad – 23 September 2018

When we had this on the 21st, D used the “stems” of the very delicate, white oyster mushrooms, and they turned out to be rather tough, such that they interrupted the experience of the pasta. He decided to buy more oysters and redo this with only the delicate parts; however, they did not still have the same, white oyster mushrooms, but the more familiar, brownish topped kind. He repeated much the same pasta, with only the tops, cooking them in butter, with some parsley, and then adding a bit of cream and cooking it down a bit, tossing in the cooked spaghetti, and providing Pecorino Sardo to sprinkle over the top (which was great). It was a very good pasta, and not having the hard bits was a big plus.

I asked if he wanted the broccolini we got from Blue Heron at the farmers’ market, but he said no, a salad. I asked if he wanted a tomato or a pear salad, and he thought a moment and decided on pear (otherwise we would have had these for dessert – I’m guessing he was thinking about the chocolate when he decided to have a pear salad). I made the salad, using up the last of the pecan bag, and the last tiny bit of the gorgonzola dolce from who knows when. I made a vinaigrette with the fig balsamic vinegar, which turned out well. Too much pear, but they were excellent (Peach Jamboree/Woodleaf Warren pears) and it was a yummy salad. We also munched an a bunch of the teeny (smaller than cherry) mixed tomatoes from Golden Rule as I guess an appetizer. Or just a snack ๐Ÿ™‚

D decided to try out the Chiroubles (2015) Clos les Farges from Wine Mine, an import from Eric Stauffenegger, whom we trust. It says “Red Beaujolais Wine” on the back. We got six different Stauffenegger wines on that visit, in addition to four ofย  the five pinots that were in the tasting (the fifth was $27 and we liked it, but not $27 worth). We both liked this wine (good thing, b/c we got two) but I thought it wished it had been opened a lot earlier. This turns out to be a gamay. D is finding a lot of things we like that are gamays (Brouilly, and of course Beaujolais).

Later, D provided three squares (half of a wrapped piece) from the jcoco “Baharat middle eastern spice in dark chocolate” that D at Wine Mine popped into our wine bags on Saturday as a nice present. We are good customers ๐Ÿ™‚ In case I never manage to get last night’s dinner posted, you can see the candy wrapper in the wine picture. Also the Morell’s sesame-topped half-whole-wheat loaf that is D’s favorite of theirs. We had a lot of it yesterday, and some for…



I suggested avocado and tomatoes (and onion and balsamic vinegar) and D made that. Give nt he large size of the avocado he was using, he said just a half-sandwich, from two wide-cuts from the sesame seed loaf from Morell’s. I used the Danke cheese from the Bowl, a few shavings of onion, mayonnaise for me and that and mustard for D, and cooked them in butter in the medium cast-iron pan, with a cover on it. The sandwich was great – the avo and tomato I think wanted something… probably more balsamic… but it was good, as pretty much anything with avos and tomatoes would be, after all.

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