Dinner at Mint Leaf – 24 September 2018

We don’t have anything in the fridge demanding we cook it Now, and I didn’t feel like making pizza dough and either punting from available ingredients or going to the Bowl to get fig piza stuff (maybe tomorrow) so D said what the heck, let’s go out. He preferenced Mint Leaf, b/c it’s the closest and we had a most excellent lunch there on the 7th. This dinner was quite good, but not nearly as must-have-more excellent as that lunch. We had a hard time deciding – the menu is rich with great-sounding dishes. I love curries, so we chose a curry with sweet potatoes, and the beef salad sounded good, so that could be a nice balance for the meal.

The sweet potatoes seemed to be of the white variety (maybe the orange, really-sweet ones are yams) but still good. Not coconut-milky, though. We ordered this with a side of vermicelli noodles, and poured the curry over the noodles (was this the right thing to do) so as to soak up the good sauce. We took a bunch of the curry (not the noodles – finished those) home, and will make rice to serve it over. We finished off the beef salad, which had a dressing with fish sauce in it.

I wanted wine with dinner, and D was going to order a bottle, but decided he’d really prefer a beer with these dishes, so he ordered a pale ale. I got two glasses of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot, both from “Cedar Brook,” which was the name of my childhood swim team except it was one word then. Neither wine was outstanding, but they were both fine. I went back and forth to see how they went with the two dishes, and couldn’t really decide which was better. It was interesting how differently they worked with the food, though. The fish sauce in the salad dressing wanted the white, but the beef was, unsurprisingly, happier with the red. Maybe beer was the answer, though D was underwhelmed by the pale ale.


We had a Warren pear from Woodleaf/Peach Jamboree for dinner after we got home – D’s choice. It was, of course, excellent. It was actually the one in the back in the picture – I just took this shot earlier in the day b/c the little leaf was so cute on the pear.



I defrosted the last four slices of the Acme Sweet Batard and D thought having a sandwich with cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers would be good. I used some of the Danke cheese from the Bowl, and the last two Dirty Girl Produce tomatoes from last Tuesday – more tomorrow! – and also the last of an earlier the Woodleaf/Peach Jamboree cucumber. Actually, the very very last bit is on the little cutting board with the dessert figs, also from Wl/PJ. Finally, we split a Mango/Rose lassi from Lakshmi. What a treat!

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