Sorrel soup with leeks and potatoes – 1 October (OMG) 2018

I had been noticing the unused sorrel and unused chives happily growing in the garden (the chives happier than the sorrel, actually – one plant looks a little fall-ish). Remembering that while at the Bowl, I bought a couple of nice leeks, and a backup bag of grade-B Yukon Golds, to replace the ones in the cupboard that would go into the soup. So, D ended up making the soup tonight. The soup is from Potager by Georgeanne Brennan, and is made from potato chunks cooked in butter, then boiled in chicken stock, with leeks. Then sorrel added near the end, and also, uncooked, as a topping right before serving (along with chives and sour cream). We decided that would be a good dinner, with flexible timing, to have when I would arrive home at an unknown time from the student research presentations. Worked great. I ended up leaving for home about 7:10. D also defrosted three slices from the Semifreddi Sweet Batard that I bought the other day for bruschettae and that was our bread for the evening.

I arrived home to find D’s wine choice – the second (of 2) Chiroubles (2015) from Wine Mine that we bought b/c it was from Eric Stauffenegger. 1/4 of the bottle was missing – it seems he had poured it off b/c he decided drinking 1/2 a bottle made him feel bad, so he was going to drink less and i could do what I wanted. Interesting. So, this time, the I enjoyed this wine a lot more than the first time; D didn’t open it long before dinner, but it must just have gone well with the soup or something. Anyway – good wine for the meal. Good call.


I went to campus in time to visit A’s 11am lecture, and then had my self-indulgent, non-health-food lunch of griddle-cooked hamburger with pepper jack, tomato and lettuce, and chipotle aioli, on a sesame seed bun. Delicious! Add curly fries and it’s a go-to-confession treat – fine if you have it only two or three times a year 🙂 Totally unnecessary, but I also got myself a Mango Tango Odwalla drink. $15 for that lunch! LOL! I ended up finishing lunch in K’s office with several former colleagues, which was really nice.

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